2018 IKEA new catalog – don’t miss New Trends

today, we will discuss the new IKEA 2018 catalog to see what they will provide us next year. We will show you what we think is the most interesting new IKEA catalog. According to IKEA, the first question we will try to answer is what is the new trend in the field of decoration.

in addition to seeing some furniture with accurate design, we will also focus on the following trends: blue decoration in all colors, The decoration creates a relaxed home atmosphere, or in other words, the simple and quiet Zen style is so modern in recent years. A very important thing we noticed was the layout of the open wardrobe, the harmonious layout and the seriousness of decoration, as well as the design of a small space in which interesting skills were used to hide shortcomings.

interior decoration and the use of all blue hues in the 2018 IKEA new catalogue

. If you dare, we invite you to immerse yourself in the hues of ocean and sky, because the trend of interior decoration in 2017 / 2018 is blue. All the blue hues are at home. This blue wave touches furniture and decorative accessories.

if you want to know what the most modern blue hue is, you must undoubtedly choose Prussian blue, royal blue, Sufan blue and Cadet blue. All these are the blue hues that have attracted the most attention in interior decoration this year. These colors are dark, but they seek elegance while reducing prices, thanks to dyes on furniture, paint on walls and some decorations. But we can’t put the blue one. Since last year, we have good news to tell you that bright metals such as Otto and silver are used in decoration. All items in copper, gold or silver can maintain a modern style at home.

for walls or furniture, you can choose these blue tones for the fabric. For example, for a bedroom, you can use velvet, satin and cotton, all of which are blue. Among all the pictures we choose today, another thing you will see is the pattern of green flowers or plants, which are part of the decoration we see in the 2018 IKEA new catalogue.

Turquoise furniture you can use in the living room, bedroom or corridor. Some blue tones are cabinets, comfortable or shelf items.

this kind of shelf has both advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, its limited height does not allow the storage of large books. But as you can see in the photo, you can create different designs according to your needs and wishes. In fact, you are free to put them on the wall of your home or anywhere you like to create the original design. On the other hand, you can buy cubes of different colors so that you can combine them with your home design.

when listing the trends of interior design this year and next year, we discussed carefully arranged arrangements. These furniture fully meet the requirements of Susu. What the hell does that mean? The furniture you should be looking for should let you put your little toys next to your own things. One of the things we need to teach our children is not to do more than we need to do in the same environment. In other words, from the perspective of decoration, it is impossible to see beautiful small furniture. For example, they are also very suitableS stands for the living room. The concept of

open space is very popular. It means sharing a friendly environment with people, and all items are part of decoration. IKEA’s catalogue well explains this principle and explains it through various pictures. About the friendly atmosphere of adult open space, we have selected the following photos for you to view.

new IKEA Catalogue: blue decoration and environmental partition

is very fashionable. Living in open space, such as studio, attic, restaurant, restaurant, restaurant, restaurant and restaurant, Wait, although this is not only because of fashion, but also because of the narrow space we are forced to live in. If you have a small apartment with open space, sometimes it’s best to provide a wall or an environmental wall to form a corner with different functions. In order not to make you feel obligated to build a real wall, you can use this option. You can see that the environment separator is very good, as shown below. You will see a slight metal or plastic structure that will not hinder your visibility or passage in any way.

the environment separator can represent a piece of furniture with open shelves on both sides to store decorations, books, plants, etc. in fact, you are free to choose how to express your tastes and preferences and which separator you choose.

in addition, a table can be placed in one corner of the room with chairs around it. We will show you the

of this subcategory. The climbing plants in the middle of the room are actually a vibrant wall.

IKEA catalogue combines trends, combining dark with light and soft

. Now let’s go back to dark decoration. It’s impossible not to wonder why this color choice is fashionable. In fact, the blue hue mentioned above is very popular this year because dark blue appears on the real palette. The decoration of blue and dark colors is an elegant decoration, which is affordable and easy to match with light colors.

if you want to make dramatic changes, you can draw your home wall in this way to enjoy an interesting and original appearance without collision. Our suggestion is to use a combination of dark and cool colors, which can calm the atmosphere without bringing tension to the residents. Maybe the environment is not very warm, but elegance is not warm at all.

the decorations matching dark colors are bright, golden or pink. In this way, a bright or soft touch (in the case of pink decoration) will restore the dark design.

lamps are accessories that play a very important role in dyeing the room blue, gray or dark green. Choosing metal as the material of lamps or decorative elements is a good choice. In this way, artificial light is accompanied by additional brightness and adds luxury to the space.

new IKEA catalogue – Lighting trend

original options for IKEA wall decoration

don’t be afraid to form contrast with the help of bright objects to make dark dyes have a spectacular luster. All bright effect accessories provide the elegance many of us often pursue.

can’t afford two bedsHim? Because you don’t just create it with a set of curtain rails fixed to the ceiling. The stool at one end of the bed provides us with space for cushions. The lights on the ceiling give the bedroom a comfortable and eclectic feeling.

IKEA new product catalog decoration trend

modern indoor furniture must be light or even white, and blue furniture is very fashionable as mentioned above. In addition, for many of you, white is the best color for walls. You can also paint one wall dark blue and the other white.

IKEA new directory: how to make a small space look big, or what skills to take to make the space look bigger

it is possible to turn a small studio into a small apartment. There are several intelligent solutions to make the space look more spacious. What are they? First, you need to use the height of the wall

IKEA’s two new product lines enable you to customize your own combined shelves and wall storage in a magnificent bamboo wall system. How can you notice that IKEA is increasingly focusing on renewable and sustainable materials, and this series is no exception.

is also a good idea for buyers to combine their furniture in countless ways to make their own solutions unique. If your apartment ceiling allows, you can put things you don’t need on a high furniture or an open shelf.

you have the opportunity to choose the storage cabinet to open. Making everything visible is a way to save space, even if it’s just because bookshelf furniture takes up less space than cabinets. In addition, with a visible storage room, you can see the whole furniture itself, and all the objects that form part of the furniture are pasted on the wall.

, but we should not forget that it is very important to find suitable furniture for the space we design. Buying a big table that won’t mess up the whole space is something we have to avoid.

IKEA’s new product catalog option for each room

puts the stool under the table because it doesn’t use a chair and can be hung on the wall when guests don’t need it, which is a smart solution. What we need to do is find the position of each object and get the object we really need.

pasting a mirror onto a wall to reflect everything inside the wall and create an optical effect is another technique you can apply. So take some hexagonal mirror tiles, stick them on the wall and put them where you think they are most suitable.

classic white tiles are another idea. You can use kitchen walls! Why is it so smart to choose this kind of ceramic tile? White ceramic tile has a unique style and will never be out of date. Although it is a classic, it is very suitable for industrial style space design, which makes people don’t have to feel closed, but consider a very spacious open space.

kitchen white tiles

two other trends this year explain the trend of combining everything to see everything, one of which has been mentioned, that is, to enjoy sharing everything in a friendly and comfortable environment. Showing what you like best is a trend we haven’t discussed yet.

in fact, let us see that everything we have is not everythingThe world will make a choice, so don’t worry about the new IKEA catalogue in 2018, you will find the cabinet you love. But if you want an open bookshelf, you can use the box ideas provided in our catalogue.

on the other hand, if you want to have an open bookshelf without boxes, you can add one in your bedroom because our life is getting faster and faster. You’d better tidy up our things so that they can stay in sight more easily and conveniently.

IKEA’s new bedroom selection directory

about the clothes we like and wear every day, especially the clothes we wear in winter, are not put in the washing machine after each use, and usually hang on the chair at the door or somewhere at home. You don’t have to leave your clothes on the floor of your bedroom, but you can easily leave them on the floor.




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