24 ideas for home decoration small house type

today, we provide you with some original ideas about small and narrow home decoration, including kitchen, living room and bedroom. If you are looking for functional and comfortable ideas for furniture and decoration of a few square meters apartment, we hope this article can help you.

home decoration creative small apartment

it is not always easy to provide apartments with limited space, However, through some tips and measures, even small families can become comfortable spaces and equipped with all necessary amenities. Our first suggestion is to choose simple furniture to avoid wasting space.

small apartment with attractive decoration design

the problem we often face is that we need to have everything in a limited space, that is, a house with complete furniture and functions within a few square meters.

small apartment is located in Paris, France. The minimalist design

is an essential choice to provide basic furniture for an apartment of about 80 square meters, which well avoids the waste of space. To this end, we must fully consider all available space and do not overuse furniture.

the kitchen of this small apartment in Taipei

for example, there can be two “L” sofas in the living room, two or three people can sit on them, or you can put a table to create lunch space.

small apartment salon in Taipei, Taiwan

in order to win market space, there are many different devices and solutions to help you complete this task. In the living room, a well-equipped wall may help to provide a place to store books and separate the room from the small house.

the bright small apartment in Paris, France

in order to get extra space, you can choose to leave Open the space and integrate the kitchen and living room. To combine these two environments, you can place an island or a high table. For a small space, a good choice is to put everything on the wall, carpet, sofa bed and other blank spaces.

small apartment in Paris, France

white makes it easy for you to see the potential in the details of the small space, For example, amazing arches and windows bring wonderful light.

the kitchen and living room are in the same space. In the small apartment

in Paris, France, but if this minimalist style is not suitable for your taste, you are more like an old-fashioned pink silk decorated with many textures, The patterns and colors in these pictures give us rich and colorful ideas for home decoration. The kitchen is filled with natural light and accent, as shown in the figure above.

yellow glass walls separate the kitchen and living room from this small apartment.

if you happen to encounter this situation, our suggestion is to use floor to ceiling curtains, which is the perfect choice for the division of the main space and create the effect of two different rooms Identity, especially if the color of the curtain is consistent with the paint color of the living room or bedroom.

bedrooms are open to the

lounges of many small apartments, and you can see the bed from the moment you enter the room – even if there is a suitable entrance corridor. To add this picture or illusion, you can complete it.It looks like it’s hanging on the curtain. That’s great.

a very small apartment in Sweden

, if you think you can do this on the curtains. The trick is to hang almost invisible wires on the ceiling. If there were no curtains behind him, the big picture would float in the air and look cool. It’s just an idea. What matters is your personal taste. Except for spatial conditions.

refers to the living room

of a small apartment in Hollywood, California, USA, but you must choose furniture and fabrics according to the amount of artificial or other light illuminating the house. Therefore, since you are designing a small space, reflective furniture is the best choice to fully enhance the light.

in this small apartment in Hollywood, California, the good idea of the bed

falling from the ceiling is a mirror, which can be placed anywhere on the wall to create optical effects in different rooms, or in a closet. Another thing you should not forget is to use vertical space, taking into account not only the part you want to go, but also all the available space.

beds become sofas. In this small apartment,

wall mounted shelves can create sports and space to store kitchen supplies, decorative elements or books. Don’t forget that living in a small space and the mixture of things you have to put in it will make it too bright, so we suggest you choose cream color.

small apartment in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

choose soft cream tones for walls, fabrics, carpets and lights, which will help tie things together. If you like bright colors, choose your most subtle tones and similar shadow furniture. Now let’s review today’s photos and draw inspiration from this original modern small family decoration.

small apartment in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, with very elegant design,

small apartment with wall, moved to Manhattan, New York,

wall hung bed, small apartment in Manhattan, New York

the creativity of the narrow space

the small apartment

located in the a district of tlastil, Rome, is designed by the studio Odnushecka

Ukrainian industrial design small apartment

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