67 ideas for using optical effects of concrete on walls

if you like the appearance of concrete walls in modern rooms, today we have about 67 ideas of industrial optical effects, thanks to the exposed concrete walls. Concrete wall interior design is one of the most popular designs in recent years. Although a little rough, concrete can add an elegant touch to all interior styles.

industrial optical effect picture of house and concrete wall

can achieve the best effect if combined with concrete wall and concrete wall and minimalist interior design. This perfect combination will produce charming results. Its interior design will be lovely, warm and comfortable, and everyone will like it. If you want to change your interior design, it’s a good idea. The optical effect of

makes the space look smaller, which is due to the design concept of concrete wall

. It is designed for open concept families with modern furniture, in which the concrete wall is like polished diamond, you will like it. We have some examples of contemporary living rooms, white walls, and a fireplace, with concrete walls protruding. Concrete is not just the floor. Choose one suitable for walls and polished or rough surfaces or with wood grain effect. The concrete walls we show you today add depth and interest to the space.

house entrance, one concrete wall and vertical garden on another wall

if there are no exposed concrete walls in your house, another option is to install cost-effective concrete slabs. There are also wallpapers that imitate concrete. Concrete is a choice that everyone dares to introduce. But if you want an industrial style house, this kind of wall can’t be missed.

ideas on concrete walls of light houses

concrete is a building component that plays both a sealing role and a structural role. In our daily life, we are used to seeing reinforced concrete walls in large structures, such as bridges, retaining walls or any other civil engineering, but not in our houses. That’s why we invite you to review these beautiful pictures. The house has concrete walls and modern design.

concrete walls and sinks in bathrooms

more ideas about concrete wall bathrooms

living room with white roof and concrete wall

kitchenette with yellow furniture and concrete wall

white furniture and concrete wall Living room

light concrete on ceiling and wall

Concrete Wall restaurant

kitchen kitchenette industrial design

contemporary living room






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