A colorful and vibrant home in tulem, Mexico

the house was designed by studio architects. House t is a private residence consisting of three vacation Studios located in quintana rum. The client is a fashion designer in New York. He hopes to have a complete space in the paradise of the Caribbean, with many textures, emphasizing color and adapting to the tropical environment.

modern Mexican family swimming pool garden

the design process is customized for customers; If customers like architectural elements, t house will have such space. The goal is composed of volume and shape, rhythm and texture to control the audience walking around the corner of cialquier. Simple and complex at the same time, t house is a tropical stage, but it is also very elegant. The combination of

home charm and modern design

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materials is a combination based on customer reflection. Of course, cooperate with interior designers. The customization process reaches such a point that if the volume is analyzed from the air, they will form a “t”. There are some subtle differences near the swimming pool, forming a “t”. The niche left by the bathroom accessories in the shower is a “t” shaped hole.

rattan furniture

the concept of tropical caribbean from New York is spread through polished cement materials, surrounded by stable vegetation and longitudinal swimming pools. An important contribution to the integration of nature is to respect all existing trees as much as possible, so that one of the trees becomes a sculpture between the shower and the bed. Some people were placed on the terrace.

swimming pool is used to cool

garden concrete table

garden concrete bank

Garden large table

colorful armchair on terrace


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