A modern apartment for a family with children

today, we want to introduce you to a modern apartment design for young couples. This is the creation of Hao design company.

modern family apartment is designed by Hao, and commissioned by

. The purpose of this apartment is to create a balanced home for couples’ family and social life. Located in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, this house enables two aspects of daily life to coexist.

original modern interior design style

scheme is called “blue tail”, which focuses on the public area. The open kitchen is located in front of the living room and is spacious; This enables parents to have a comprehensive understanding of their children when they play.

island kitchen is designed with black ceramic tiles.

walls are cold blue in different colors, and the ceiling is made of wood grating as a simple, harmonious and detailed space partition. As the designated play space for children, the living room is equipped with lazy style sofa, furniture and round coffee table to make the whole room more permeable.

original functional furniture design, modern

kitchen presents a modern and exquisite style. The island and back walls with black mosaics were selected to coordinate the color with the gray seen in the concrete ceiling. To encourage children to explore their creativity, hidden niches or secret spaces are integrated into the whole house so that they can freely participate in art.

living room design with blue filled furniture

. In the living room, we see low cork furniture that is very suitable for children. The residential area in front of the big window makes it easy for parents and children to see the urban landscape.

the original modern kitchen design and the entrance hall

returned to the kitchen, and the blue and green accents reappeared, setting the tone for the family’s Gourmet experience.

is a great restaurant design. There are several chandeliers

at the entrance. LEGO murals welcome us with vibrant colors. This will be a great DIY project for families with children of any age.

original blue kitchen furniture kit

although the living area and kitchen area are unified, they are still visually defined due to the winding transition from concrete to bright white surface.

entrance reception desk is equipped with integrated wooden bench

. Although the theme is very interesting, due to the integrated bench, the entrance still has special functions for adults.

modern living room design and decoration

this apartment in Kaohsiung maintains an aesthetic but not publicized style, emphasizing the useful functions that can be adapted and developed over time. Connection between

interior design and different areas

in the restaurant, the mixed plastic wood chairs exude an artistic atmosphere. Above, several chandeliers show a very interesting change.

series blue wooden kitchen furniture

configuration establishes a clever balance between parent-child relationship and romance, providing the best serviceAt the same time, it provides various comfortable and quiet spaces for adults and children.

large windows can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.

storage solutions are creative, and multi-functional furniture allows more entertainment and interaction space in most of the space per square meter.

living room can be enjoyed The spacious windows of the city

also help to ensure that the external landscape will not be ignored, acting as a huge light screen to display continuously moving images.

dark bathroom and dressing room design

in this area, you can enjoy a rest from the lightness and ventilation aesthetics of the rest of the house; This dressing room and master bathroom embody a dark and classical style.

interior design, see

green plant flower pots for concrete walls, fresh air and educational opportunities for younger people.

beautiful modern children’s room design

bedroom specially designed for daughter, with ingenious storage and fun forms to stimulate imagination; The cut and paint details of the cabinet almost make it look like a castle.

excellent design of children’s Wardrobe

hidden small places will give children the opportunity to express their creativity and participate in games, whether with family or independently.

modern children’s furniture bedroom design

quiet colors, such as green, milky white or blue, soften the effect of concrete wall, which is very fashionable. The whole set uses soft texture and complementary colors to create a very pleasant and interesting atmosphere.

modern children’s room furniture design

the compartment on the cabinet door moves from left to right to provide Wonderful storage solutions will grow up with children.

original bedside table design various colors of decorative fabrics

parents also began to enjoy truly creative bedroom design. The fabric decorated headboard can be moved to form a soft mountain range, or possibly the horizon of an imaginary city.

excellent modern industrial style kitchen design

in the kitchen, an impressive island is covered with black tiles, perforated panels and concrete walls, giving a sense of industrial influence and successfully adapting to the aesthetic preferences of parents.

modern style apartment plan

we hope you like the tour of these 24 pictures. We will come back soon and bring more interesting articles. Please don’t stop visiting our website. We look forward to your visit.

visualizer: Hao design

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