A small house with great potential — cassita of Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson is the founder of kasita. Kasita is a modern small house with only 352 square feet, which can be used as a hotel, office or studio.

kasita – a small house designed by Jeff Wilson

lived in a 33 square foot container for one year to test the boundaries and understand the space needed for real life, The designer created a space with everything needed for a normal house.

original drawer refrigerator office design

kasita’s design can be used in many different types of spaces, such as hotels, second suites, offices or studios.

modern bathroom interior design

each unit has integrated technology, including personal lighting and temperature settings, integrated speakers and video enabled buzzers. When we entered the room, we met a small corridor. On the right side of the corridor was the bathroom, which had a shower, a toilet and a dresser.

original design of hidden storage unit

in this modern small house, there is a storage cabinet, a bar for hanging clothes and many wooden shelves.

modern compact kitchen design with American Bar

. The kitchen is located next to the cabinet, with a small stove, two induction burners and a microwave oven, as well as more storage units and two counter spaces.

the original counter is designed with refrigerator drawers

the second counter space works as a small table or work area. Under the counter are the drawers of refrigerator and freezer.

original modern living room design, equipped with sofa bed

. Below is the living room, with a ceiling height slightly higher than 10 feet. The custom sofa is very suitable for space and hides a bed.

original design movable king bed

sofa can be converted into a king bed through simple extension. Part of the sofa frame now becomes messilia at night. At the end of the unit, there is an elevated platform surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, allowing a large amount of light to fill the small space.

excellent modern interior design and compact

flat panel TV are hidden in a white storage bucket, next to a small bank.

interior picture of Wardrobe

as you can see, this small house has all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable and practical life within a few square meters.

initial layout plan of the house

* kasita

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