Aesthetics and creative design of false ceiling in interior decoration

false ceiling design and creativity are undoubtedly elements to change interior design. Generally speaking, the roof is a negligible detail. In some cases, the same may happen to the soil.

false ceiling design of modern living room has various functions and certain functional potential. At first glance, it can help us hide some of your exposed facilities. Whether it’s our apartment or the top floor apartment.

false ceiling design has border and LED elements.

false ceiling decoration design can simply realize this function as an element. It helps to configure the space by providing higher aesthetics. Its other function, perhaps one of the most commonly used functions, is lighting.

the design of modern high ceiling rooms

is an efficient and very elegant way to distribute lighting in different areas of the room. Technically, two methods are the same False ceilings can be grouped into categories.

variant with wooden details and embedded lamps

where the first will be a registrable false ceiling design and the second will be non registrable. The first of these categories is the false ceiling with different structural conditions. This is because they can be used as storage space.

color design of youth dormitory

in these cases, it is very important that the structure can bear the determined load. In both classifications, they are fairly light elements. The necessity of installing false ceiling can be determined according to different problems. The geometry of


is the open space of


, ,


, the first of which can be realized by installing air conditioning and other equipment. Especially in the case of pipeline air conditioning, this is very important for better surface treatment. Other situations may be due to modification.

restaurants have false ceilings and embedded lights

, especially when some pipes are introduced into the public drain of any building. Another reason may be the change of lighting effect. In essence, when it comes to false ceiling design and lighting They are basic.

glass geometry

has the appropriate design, and we can always modify the light spots according to our preferences. In this case, other common aspects may be embedded lamps. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of the false roof.

interesting wooden strip model

. As we said, the false ceiling is not only an aesthetic element, but also a very practical element. In addition, we will be very helpful in regulating thermal conditions. False ceilings can be turned into thermal insulation.

warm room with fabric

on the ceiling, which will be as effective as sound insulation materials according to different materials. According to different situations and needs, we can consider which is the most suitable.

color effect, details and lights are yellow

. In fact, there are many types of false ceilings, as shown in the figure. Perhaps the most widely used is Prado. In this case, gypsum can also be mentioned.

concrete center false roof

both cases are cheap, and their main feature is that they are very light. If you compare these two cases, pladur’s false ceiling design may be easier to install. However, it is worth mentioning that they may be a little more expensive than those made of plaster.

” variant with wood center and embedded lights

“Of course, if your pocket allows, you don’t have to stay on these options. There are many possibilities for other materials, which will bring interesting textures and effects. Unlike traditional materials such as wood and even textiles.

combination chandelier and LED light

“The advantage of materials such as gypsum board or gypsum board is that it can be painted on it. This ensures that the color is uniform and consistent with our decoration. Similarly, both gypsum board and gypsum board can easily place lamps.

examples of geometric effects in the living room

“Despite all the above solutions, the false ceiling must meet certain conditions. It is not always the best solution in all environments. It is important to emphasize the impact that the false ceiling will have on the size of any room.

interesting effects, from shelf to ceiling”

it is important to install the value before installation if it does not affect the height of the space. There are some general orientation measures that may be useful to us. In common spaces such as living room or living room, they must be greater than 2.5 meters.”

modern apartment with higher ceiling

“For other areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or corridors, it is recommended to increase the height to 2 m 20 cm. For larger spaces, some registration can be made. This will make them easier to enter.

false ceiling with tables

at both ends “As usual, the design and lighting of the false ceiling are always relevant. Choosing the right lamps will also be an aspect of shaping the false ceiling. In this regard, there are some space equipment and materials that can help us.

combined with dark wood strips

“The spider can be a very elegant looking main light source. The lamp holder will be hidden in the false ceiling. If we have a more modern design space, we can choose LED lights.”

harmonious linear effect and lamps

“From an aesthetic point of view, they will have a minimalist image. Especially if they are embedded, they will create a unified and clean image in all spaces. All these show that they are efficient and a very economical choice.

” different levels of artificial wood ceiling “

“We must always have a main light source on the false ceiling. This light source can be supplemented by spotlights. In the design of the false ceiling and the whole decoration, they can obviously be used as an independent light source.”

“wall mounted and ceiling lamps

all depend on our design intent and the height of the ceiling. The lamps will effectively supplement these effects. As shown in the above figure.

is used for the bright retro lounge. Wide

the lights here are located in different UTI positions.Integrate LEDs into space. Achieve different effects in areas such as living room and dining room. Enjoy these variants, which can be used as a guide for future transformation.

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