Agate stone for interior design

today, we provide you with some original interior design concepts, using a very strong and beautiful Onix stone, which is very suitable for any contemporary family.

Onix stone is a luxury material. When combined with appropriate background lighting technology, the level and depth of stone will add more vitality and beauty to your interior.

Onix durable stone can be used for fireplace wall

you will invest time and money in designing this natural product, so we invite you to consider the following tips to show the natural beauty of Onix in the best way.

restaurant with bar and Onix

white agate at the bottom is the most careful stone when you use the background lighting application. The best option is to leave more space between the stone and the light source so that the stone will not be heated.

Jackson design and removing design this bathroom is equipped with Onix sink

when you choose a standard size Onix panel, please make sure that the light source is bright enough to transmit through the stone surface.

there is an island in the middle of the kitchen. It is famous for its white Onix countertop

. When they hear the word “Onix”, they first think of the shiny black stones embedded in jewelry. However, as interesting as it left on the stone necklace, agate can be a gem for your interior design.

is a very original choice, adding Onix stone to interior design

natural Onix stone has a variety of colors and patterns. Many people don’t know how many kinds of agate are available. You will notice by looking at our furniture picture library, walls, sinks and agate countertops.

kitchen and restaurant is located in a kitchen and restaurant with a table. The table is famous for its white Onix

support and countertop, but what is Onix? In the world of stone, agate is not a specific color or stone, but covers a wide range of stones. Phoenix is a kind of quartz. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. There are many different varieties, one of which is agate.

there is Onix on the wall of modern bathroom

Onix is a kind of cryptocrystalline quartz, which means that it is composed of large strings of small quartz crystals. It is a combination of tens of thousands of small quartz crystals, so that agate has a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

deluxe bathroom with spectacular Onix wall

. If you look closely at the surface of Onix, you will see the individual crystals that make up it. In particular, when it is illuminated, the subtle details on the Onix panel will be further revealed.

Onix concept is only a small part of the column

. Designers have used Onix for some time to create a contemporary high-end look in commercial applications, Especially in the hotel industry.

kitchenette, equipped with Onix dashboard designed by Beckwith interiors

, is used for the reception desk in the lobby and integrated into the washbasin and dresser in the hotel and other commercial spaces, Customers fascinated by the beauty of stones have begun to apply for agate as part of their interior design.

“KDS”PS “bright bar and Onix counter

If you have a bathroom without windows, you can light it up with a large gold agate board. It depends on whether you put it behind the bathtub or on the wall of the sink. This board will attract the attention of the bathtub and create a luxurious space.

high chimney decorated with Onix finish in spacious bedroom

“Impressive is the only word to describe agate as a counter or support. With a beautiful background light and bright counter, the design of the kitchen will be very eye-catching.

kitchen with Onix dashboard designed by Bruce Stafford architects

“Agate can also play a magical role in small doses. The agate accent wall in any room can create a sense of luxury and save some of the cost of installing the whole agate bar.

the living room is equipped with a very beautiful agate accent wall

you can match white or yellow agate with cabinets of almost any color. What you need is a lighting that highlights natural gemstones. ”

kitchen has a bar and a wall. It is made of

. Although we can find it in almost every continent, it is considered to be a rare stone, not as hard as granite, so if you use it as a countertop or dashboard, it will be more difficult to keep it intact. ” The

Onix column stands out in modern salons.

is more economical and easier to find in smaller blocks, so you can simply use it as an interior decorative element. ” The Onix countertop bar


kitchen is relatively smooth, which means it is easy to scratch, just like marble, but the subtle beauty of these designs we show you today can be realized with any other material.

bedroom has a very beautiful agate wall

of course, after looking at these photos, agate will become one of the first materials we think of when we think of decorating our home, because we can use it to create miracles.

“A very primitive shape and Onix counter

“This semi precious stone, which is very precious in jewelry, is undoubtedly very elegant, because it is a material that enables us to appreciate the natural richness of its various colors and provide us with every design and finish.” The agate stone on the steps of

emphasizes the stair design

“If you are looking for something new and original, they will add a little different to your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, and you may have found the perfect choice. This material looks impressive and adds a special feeling to any space.

small bathroom with agate stone accent on the wall is very attractive, which is suitable for this space

. However, some people choose other materials instead of agate. But is agate the right choice?

spectacular sink, bright design

may be. If you’re looking for something beautiful, rare and unique, Onix may be right for you. But before adding it to your home, you need to consider something about Onix. Then look at the pros and cons.

very beautiful agate stone sink

the first thing we have to do is that agate is fragile. Many people think that all stones are “very hard” and onlyDarth, but agate is not.

more ideas about the agate sink in the bathroom

agate can even be said to be a perfect example of a stone that needs special care. It’s even worse if it’s used on the table. Agate countertops usually include a composite glass fiber reinforced stone.

the very beautiful Onix auxiliary countertop is used to decorate the modern interior decoration

, which means that Onix floor may not be the best choice for kitchen countertop or living room floor, but it is not often suitable for wall decoration.

coffee table is used for steel living room and Onix stone. It can be made into furniture

. Besides being fragile, Onix is also very soft. Here, you can also say that this softness may be the biggest problem of agate.

very beautiful agate and marble combination on the bathroom wall

if used regularly, the maintenance is not good. If you want a table, you have to have dinner with your family every night and put on and off the plates. Agate is not the perfect material on your table. But for a waiter, it’s perfect. The design concept of


is coffee shop and restaurant


, ,


, etc. Therefore, due to easy speculation, the maintenance of this material is special. If you want a table top, a dashboard or an agate table, you can’t simply install stones. It must be properly sealed and then cleaned often with stone cleaner, so that it is not easy to scratch and stain.

restaurant adopts modern design and agate stone decorative wall, which is very suitable for decorating the living room

. Now, after we have the advantages and disadvantages, we can say or not say anything, as can be seen from these photos. Agate is a rare stone, which is rarely used for countertops, tables, beds and walls of houses.

restaurant has a whole wall with wine bottles and an agate on it, and on the other side is

, which makes it very suitable for those who try to stand out from the crowd and have unparalleled spectacular design. Each agate is unique on the other hand.

spectacular salon, agate with fireplace

agate is very beautiful. Although agate is very expensive, the beauty of stone cannot be denied. As mentioned earlier, it has a variety of colors and has color contrast, which makes these stone slabs look like real works of art.

bedroom with mosaic and agate on the wall

please make sure you have planned the layout and carefully considered the location of agate. Another of the best things you can do is choose an experienced contractor and then install this decorative stone.

agate sink in black bathroom

now we leave you all these detailed pictures of agate stone, which you can add to your modern interior design to beautify any space from the bathroom to the most luxurious living room. Don’t forget that you can find more ideas about interior decoration and stones on our page.

marble bathtub and Onix bright stone bathroom wall

Onix bright bathroom wall and black bathtub

lounge design minimalist white furniture and Onix stone partition wall make the interior

very beautiful “House designed by zkdix” “SPS with white walls” “zkdix” “SPS with zkdix” “SPS 38”

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