Alexei Rosenberg’s unique apartment

Alexei Rosenberg is a Russian designer with unique, innovative and elegant style. In this article, we will introduce you to a unique apartment. Its creator did not stop his imagination and let it fly. The result is what you see.

is a unique apartment in Moscow.

is located in Moscow, Russia, showing the perfect symbiosis of brown wood and furniture. The picture is full of black details – the chair plays the role of detail – and the big bell of the gold lamp.

new project

from another point of view, the apartment shows a small part of the terrace door and the room opposite us. With this, so far, we can conclude that this is a spacious apartment, which is completely different from what we have seen so far.

another appearance of the kitchen

if all apartments in Moscow have these characteristics, it would be great, because if we put the other side of the table behind the room we see in front of us, we can see the kitchen, spacious and decorated with black.

combination of leather and wood

we see the combination of wood and black again. This combination extends to the living room, with colors on the table and chandeliers on the ceiling becoming another black decorative element, allowing people to see a unique and interesting apartment.

different wall textures

if we put ourselves on the other side, we can see that on the wall in front of us, designers have to take risks not only in color, but also in texture. The combination of wood and brick textures gives a very attractive atmosphere of innovation. We can ask ourselves, what are the decorative lights on the ceiling?

the top of the column fused with the ceiling

continued to measure the space: from the above position, on our left, we found a library and several bookshelves with books on them. If we focus on the book and turn our eyes to the ceiling, we will see that the top of the column is a marble cross integrated with the ceiling.

was shocked by the advancement of several steps of wood

, and we also found the difference of roof materials. From our previous position, we can see that the colors of ceiling and marble are integrated together, but now in front of us is the integration of wood and furniture wood, which is a whole.

wall continues to change

in this photo, the focus is again on the wall, because we need to pay attention to the change of wall structure again: from brick to wood, from wood to another material, we have completed the wall.


in the bedroom, showing the same changes and characteristics. In fact, we can see that this apartment in Moscow is a unique apartment. We can be sure that the designer is a very creative and original person.

inside the apartment

we can take a holiday in Moscow and settle down in such an apartment. We will notice that doors are not the main means of moving from one room to another, and the layout of walls is very interesting.

has a huge

window, so our stay in Moscow can be an unforgettable experience, even better than our hotel in Russia, becauseWe believe that this breakthrough with tradition can not be found anywhere.

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