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are now common, and many environments previously separated by walls are now connected. Kitchens, restaurants and even lounges often share a space. The concept of

environmental separator is applied to the restaurant

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, but this does not mean that each area lacks visual interest and personality. Because of the environment separator, you can create excellent visual effects. On the other hand, it defines the space occupied by residential areas. The environment separator has many shapes and styles. The first one we can mention is the decorative board.

multifunctional area environment separator with foldable furniture

is a very useful separator. Similarly, we also avoid using walls. Model from fixed to mobile. In the latter case, they are very generic or can be run as needed. Another suggestion for the most widely used environmental separator is the sliding door.

separator is designed with perfect white contrast geometry

as its structure, which can act as a wall. They close rooms from one place to another, allowing greater privacy if necessary. Many modern kitchens now have American islands or bars. In these spaces, both structures can play a good role as environmental isolators. Especially because kitchens open to the living room are common.

is the perfect idea for placing accessories in a modern functional environment.

is a practical way to cook while taking care of guests or children. Therefore, island or American bars will mark the boundary between the kitchen and the lounge, and they provide great practical possibilities in the kitchen environment. The separation area can be seen when furniture is not needed and used.


wood floors match this bright natural environment style with clear tones.

is achieved by using contrast and different materials. Applying different colors to different areas can distinguish walls in different spaces. The change can be paint or the choice of materials such as rock or wood. You can always get good results and beautiful visual effects. Another classic environment is the bookshelf separator.

a method of using separators as shelves for any decorative accessory

, as we can see in many photos in the gallery, is a method of physical separation. They must be shelves with hollow structures on both sides. In this way, there will be no problem with the passage of light. Essentially, any furniture opened from both sides is useful. Furniture for books or any other items can be used with the original results.

boards separate the bathtub from the fresh white wall

. In the case of furniture or open shelves, this sense of continuity remains unchanged in all areas of the house. This makes our decoration absolutely not overloaded. In a wide range of environmental separators, biombos is very classic. To their advantage, they can move when necessary. The ideal material combination form of

is multi-layer shelf.

have primitive and very different biological communities. Styles vary from metal to wood. If you like printing, many of them are happy colors or famous oriental styles.Very suitable for Zen style interior design. Regardless of style, they can be placed in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. The division of the environment can be carried out without any investment.

glass allows the visual continuity of the whole office space, while

can simply use the sofa. This is a simple way to divide and distinguish the living room space. The back of the sofa can lead to the work area or any other area. Dining tables or other small furniture can be placed in the back.

is a very elegant and functional style. It emphasizes the blank finish of furniture

, which can be made of various materials in any case. This adds extra interest and texture to the environment. They have bamboo, stone, crystal beads and many other materials. With curtains, the space becomes romantic and elegant. Its effect will depend on the type of materials and accessories they combine. In our gallery, there are different suggestions for space division. Many simple methods can also produce interesting results.

steel design variants are used for the open and bright living room style

bio, which can be used in the

space according to our privacy needs Creating

amazing way to use markers to separate the outer space

curtains is always the simplest and most elegant way to separate the variants of the environment

The vertical way of living room and dining room is

functional furniture, which separates the bedroom area from the rest of the apartment.

steel model strengthens the industrial image of modern kitchen.

wood is The whole design is also applicable to the


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separator. The lights are embedded in the structure separating the dining room from the small living room. The combination of


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is based on two staggered imaginary geometries,


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Examples using wood in voiceless design n koukurakis and associates

and separate storage environment consolidation are very useful

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