An old house with historic exterior walls and modern interiors

historical buildings are often in a very bad state and almost destroyed. However, there is a major recovery and reconstruction trend and the transformation of these old houses, churches and barns into modern livable housing. Although these properties may increase costs because of their historical significance, you can control the budget for renovation.

old houses and historic buildings transformed into modern houses

let’s start with the transformation of this English chapel into a house. Until recently, the church was the most historic building in need of renovation.

modern indoor kitchen, with wooden beams, can see

. Although it is more fashionable to convert other professional buildings into families, the church has undoubtedly found its own niche in the demand for real estate. The English chapel had no windows until it became a modern house with an open design and a retro kitchen.

the original subway tile bathroom design

has been vacant for many years because the existing buildings are in a state of serious degradation, The purpose of the reconstruction project is to rebuild this unique property, so that tourists can enjoy the local history and architecture, and provide a beautiful environment for exploring the surrounding area and its wide range of activities.

wooden bedside houses suffered considerable floods due to their abandoned state. Due to its location exposed to strong wind and rainstorm, most internal finishes have been seriously damaged, and the main roof has been damaged, so the roof beam needs to be replaced. After redecorating, now the red window frame gives you a modern feeling, shining between the green landscape and gray stones.

alemanys 5 house with stone facade

alemanys 5 is a very old house located in the center of Girona historic district. The architect Anna noguera Nieto retained the exterior and most of the interior of the house, but she added a lot of modernity to the 16th century house with glass elements.

rural style interior design adopts stone wall and wooden ceiling

. Its recent restoration integrates the old and new, with simple and clear lines, celebrating the basic elements of space, light, shadow, fire, stone, water, nature and tranquility. In addition to the glass partition separating different rooms, the house also has a backyard with a swimming pool, lawn and restaurant.

excellent modern interior design, black walls

house 5 in Germany can be rented as a large house with 5 bedrooms, but it can also be divided into two independent apartments: badiu, 3 bedrooms; And a two bedroom garden.

old house restoration wooden roof

the resort house

designed by the original plaini and karahalios architects was built in the early 20th century. This two-story building became a resort house in 2015.

beautiful white restoration room

underground and on the ground, white painted stone works have been preserved, setting an ancient tone for a very modern looking interior.

is a beautiful historical resort house with white interior. The living room, dining room, living room and bathroom of

are decorated with beautiful agate green tone to visually separate public and private areas.

” resort house with green interior

original green interior design

main road pedestrian design

“Designers mark fickett and viviana delora have redesigned their own townhouse in Montreal.

original modern interior design with accented walls

the couple gave the house a bright renovation in 1880, with a trace of industrial style.

original modern interior design, with national carpet

, with wooden beams and industrial columns, and the white interior is full of bright accents and fresh design elements, such as sliding panel doors. ” The beautiful and comfortable interior design of

is decorated with the works of art

. Surprisingly, the old discoveries reappeared in the demolition process help to affect the design process of multiple spaces.

modern kitchen design with sliding panel door

found old toys, old tools and retro enamel signs, which now play an indispensable role in home decoration. ” The historic building of

is designed as ca’spineda

ca’spineda. It is one of the oldest historic buildings and has been restored to a habitable state. The house was built in 1560 with a simple internal design.

ca’spineda living room design

due to the particularity of welldom’s conservative restoration in ecological construction, according to Kalos agathos Kai’s philosophy of beauty and beauty, the criterion of ideal residence has been respected.

beautiful internal design ca’spineda

“The ca’spineda project was selected as the best sustainable renovation project to improve the basic elements of a process in order to maximize the quality of the building in terms of cost, energy consumption, materials used and comfort.

original design of old house restoration and reconstruction

“This is a restoration based on the value and beauty of history and the true meaning of the future: respecting the balance between man and nature. The white walls and floors contrast with the ancient wooden beam ceiling.

original country style salon design

“In fact, in the latest generation of home automation solutions, only natural materials and efficient systems are used, saving up to 30% energy compared with traditional systems. Mr. ncillas.

historical building design is called house g

project building GS is a corner building in Ghent, Belgium in the 19th century. It has a black facade and wide windows overlooking the water and an ancient cobblestone street. When the project started, all the superfluous things in the dilapidated house were removed. Its essence is preserved by the armor of facades, stairs and roofs, each of which wraps the new space as a rough layer. Original design of

SAInside the modern


, ,


, the black stone wall is side by side with the white plaster surface, while the wooden beams on the arched roof give people the feeling of a farmhouse. The room and living space are designed into a pile of volumes, and a white sculpture is inserted into the existing shell.

modern kitchen design with wooden beams overlooking several strategic positions of

provides a variety of well-defined views. In the house, this method brings contrast at every level, interweaving the original and new elements.

original modern bathroom design

contrast is enhanced by the color and texture of the selected material. The living function is opposite to the traditional townhouse. This means that the room is on the first floor, the living room is on the first floor, the kitchen and dining room are on the top floor, and the adjacent courtyard is closed.

original restaurant design with white Eames chairs

architects try to create a symbiotic relationship between modern residential life and the charm of 19th-century Belgian corner houses.

restored old house: nun villa

nun villa dates back to the 19th century, but the designers of enforma studio filled it with contemporary elements to alleviate the space constraints between rooms.

nun villa original interior design

original stone and untreated wood highlight glass stair handrails and metal accents.

original interior design and modern stairs

is an exquisite interior design, full of textures and natural materials constituting contemporary works.

old house design with wood and stone inside

old house restoration: inside the nun villa

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