Apartment decoration and design by Sergey Makhno architect

today, we provide you with some pictures showing a simple style apartment. This is an apartment designed by Sergei makeno. The designers of

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with minimal decoration and design of

apartment have worked with the team for more than ten years, which makes him proud because he can’t imagine that he is someone else or engage in other work. The decoration and style of

apartment are very original.

your biggest wish is to go to a new field along your own path, so that every work you create with the help of your team will become a new universe.

is a modern apartment with direct access to the

lounge. The reason why you create new things every day is that you are convinced that architecture can affect people’s lives. It can also inspire them to show their personality and look forward to the future and new achievements with confidence.

white walls and very elegant concrete ceiling

the photo of this apartment is Andre afdienko’s. The apartment is located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The purpose of the decoration and overall design of this apartment is to create a comfortable space for adventurous or lazy owners.

is a typical white kitchen, which is used in the minimalist space.

is practical and fully functional inside. We have not found the spirit of compromise between market furniture and unnecessary structures, which make space overwhelming. The idea of

, a kitchen bar

combines the living room and kitchen, an apartment full of air and light. The atmosphere created is neutral and beautiful, which is very suitable for those who need inspiration to be productive at work, and those who just want to be free from everything at home.

creative white furniture in the kitchen in a minimalist style

close to the window, we can see a relaxing space and a restaurant. When we entered the apartment, we had noticed different colors. From cold walls to warm wooden floors.

restaurant kitchen is equipped with wooden furniture, floor and bar.

is a non overloading apartment decoration and design. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” can use the same backlight in the living room “,” KD SPE “and” SPS “at night, but KD SPE” can use the same backlight in the living room “,” KD SPE “and” SPS “. The spider lamp we see on the dining table is part of a limited edition series created by Sergei makeno.

white furniture and very beautiful black dashboard

now let’s take another look at these wonderful photos of the apartment designed by Sergei makeno in Kiev.

the minimalist bedroom of modern apartment

a very large window through which natural light enters the minimalist style small bedroom

the very typical minimalist style white bathroom

1 Sergey Makhno architects




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