Apartment space optimization and creativity

the research on apartment space and design does not highlight its breadth. Most of these sites have a more compact aesthetics. Although there are a few narrow corners, they are still very comfortable.

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, which provides a good solution for the spatial optimization of these apartment communities. Everyone has different needs. One is for a couple without children, and the other is for a young man. There are obviously many differences. The space design of

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for the bedroom and living room area, but each realizes elegant and modern aesthetics. The use of materials such as paint, texture and marble completed some of these projects. The first one is the biggest one we show. Located in the Buddhist altar, Hong Kong is famous for its selected furniture. The decoration of the central part is very luxurious.

overlooks from the small bedroom and is close to a large white embedded wardrobe.

is a mixture of new and traditional wooden cabinets. It has a gray hue, and its design can be traced back to the 1950s. Perhaps the most attractive part of the living room is Stephen Ken’s sofa. Denim is a perfect way to integrate classic lines and modern textures.

natural light helps to maintain the spacious feeling of the whole apartment space.

white background and wood paneling, living room and bed are integrated in the same way. This is a good example of how the space and design of these apartments end in an open space. The leather finish on the Aztec cushion and the other seat is perfect. Metallic finishes, such as the shell of a table, are also harmonious.

a variety of gray hues are part of the decoration of this beautiful website.

as bonsai enhance the natural charm of wood. Gros in other colors is used for bedroom areas with sliding doors. Here, a small corner is designed as a mirror and drawer. The mirror itself contains lights, giving the small bedroom different personality. The warehouse and anything needed are handled by wooden shelves.

glass and large windows extend to one end of the studio

. The second choice of space and style of these apartments is located in Moscow. If you like the details of futurism, this is a good example. The separation space is set by color. In the case of texture, the same shape change is provided. The living room is filled with all kinds of light gray tones, and other small details turn yellow through cushions and carpets.

wood finishes emphasize the interesting natural effects of many materials.

the panel texture behind the sofa and on the bedroom road is another way to create depth. However, another important focus is the ring spider in the living room, which creates another focus to make the background wall of the bedroom less eye-catching. This last area has an image of intimacy and warmth. Especially the use of beige and Tan finishes.

vertical storage is another variant, which makes the walls of this functional apartment

create a huge turning point for the space and design of these apartments in a general sense.Every hour brings different tones and textures. Starting from the TV wall, there is a bright paint cabinet. The other wall in the corner is set with a set of colors. Both areas have beige and blue partitions, and the desktop is white.

gold in leather and concrete finishes appears in structures, accessories and furniture

kitchens maintain the same level as other spaces. Black and yellow in the living room are very popular in some furniture. Every part of it is made of transparent wood floor. Black and white walls are the best way to contrast marble floors. The board supports the TV.

the small corner with mirror and chair provides a comfortable hanging furniture

, so it can be said that each angle provides a different theme. Every life space has a different characteristic. In the space and decoration of these apartments, the third is equally elegant. His case is another perfect example of minimalism. The best is the natural way of use.

a larger frame mirror is another perfect idea for this space.

here we can enjoy the use of marble, slate and wood again. In Batumi, Georgia, all these are combined into a 57 square meter space. From the beginning, the open space was characterized by the use of long and low furniture. The marble floor looks connected. Put the blackboard on the sofa wall. The second studio of

introduced various yellow and black decorative accessories in detail.

has been used by Japanese windows as a perfect choice of functions. As needed, the wide panel will bring us light or darkness. The walls of the living room are decorated with boards. Black has a perfect outstanding effect in the bathroom. Starting from a huge painted wall, the design is impressive.

oversized pictures create an excellent center of interest in the modern bedroom.

coffee table is another continuity of marble use. The light provides a guide for tourists. Furniture design is another way to establish a certain continuity in the design, which is due to the similarity between the stool in the kitchen and the chair in the study. Generally speaking, wood, gray and white tones enrich the lighting. All these shades of gray can be appreciated in the bedroom.

black and white provide other contrast. This small and bright study

creates a more structured feeling with other soils in this case. Some blue burst effects bring a certain calm to the environment. As in other cases, in these apartments, the space and structure of the bathroom buy the use of marble. On the other hand, wood and white keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

yellow and black finishes are also suitable for kitchenette furniture

. Unlike other kitchenette furniture, it is small but equipped with all necessary equipment. In a distribution, this is undoubtedly very smart. With the emergence of LED lights, cabinets become more and more conspicuous and glittering. All the charm of marble permeates the bathroom, and the lights here also play a great role. Other finishes, such as glass shower door, are the best choice to increase the sense of space.

small office is another innovative and ingenious field. In this modern studio,

kitchen, the minimalist white paint is an ideal contrast to the dark wall space

restaurant natural wood wall, providing interesting texture and geometric effects “Different floor finishes help delineate certain areas of the studio”

“marble gives you the elegance you need to enter the bathroom area”

“another emphasis wall in the guest room is a modern suggestion for interesting textures”

white furniture with open areas for shelves and storage

modern yellow carpet extends to one of the cushions of the sofa

“Natural light enters the space, forming a perfect contrast with the gray




in different tones. Another interesting emphasis wall is also gray, with unique texture




countertops and furniture, and marble finishes are designed with clearer tones through VAE

the third small study is another example of a contemporary design table using different shades of gray

, which is designed as dark tones and cut marble under

. “The rest of the furniture has the same low decoration, which makes the space look more spacious.

” the Japanese panel is an ideal separator between the small bedroom and the living room

comfortable study area or work area with built-in LED light

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