Apartments designed by partizki & Liani Architects

is designed by partizki & Liani architects. This amazing apartment overlooks Tel Aviv. This is a home 80 meters from the ground. It is located on a tower in the southwest corner of Tel Aviv, overlooking the winding coastline of Jaffa port a few kilometers away. The “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” reflect the concept of “urban landscape” and “KD SPE”, “SPS” and “KD SPE” and “KD” reflect the integration of urban landscape. The apartment is an open plan, L-shaped. You can see the first entrance passage, which is copied from the second passage, which is parallel to the wood covered wall and leads to the bedroom area.

apartment has a beautiful roof, which is characterized by

. You can see the sea from the bedroom because there are very large glass windows and many mirrors to reflect the scenery. The third route is hidden and shorter, from the kitchen and restaurant to the dark service area.

spacious and bright lounge overlooking Tel Aviv

. In this design, the main attraction is the ceiling of the lounge and kitchen, creating an illusory feeling through reflection on the city and everything around. By reflecting the city’s roof, you can get lost in Tel Aviv’s streets and buildings and find new boundaries between the atmosphere and the small patterns on the carpet.

reflects the roof of the city and makes it part of the family.

in this constant projection, objects, details and furniture components adopt different designs according to the mood, atmosphere and events in the home.

this home has an open graphic design

the night area transmits the projection reference from the reflective ceiling, but this time it is vertical, The rough stone wall of the bathroom is clearly visible due to the separation of the mirror and transparent glass.

is a contrast between red and black furniture,

is a channel filled with artificial lights in the urban night sky, Stars and roads are formed on glass walls and reflective ceilings, fabrics, polygons, arches,

a smart L-shaped design

space has a guided

corridor and wooden wall to take you to a modern living room

environment Hemoso doesn’t need much furniture

the contrast of darkness and light can be seen from the black-and-white image

mirror glass and white surface constitute the design of bedroom

bathroom and bedroom are

bathrooms are separated from the deluxe bathtub

white curtains. The guest room design

bathrooms adopt unusual natural aesthetic effects. Thanks to the stone wall

a new stimulating design

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