Asian internalism and its influence on modern environment

today we will discuss some parts that distinguish many elements of modern design. Asian internalism and its influence are constants in these modern and functional propositions we show. In general, attention is focused on other influences from the West. Everyone knows the trends in northern Europe, Scandinavia or France.

Asian internalism is the influence of these mural spaces

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, but as far as Asian internalism is concerned, its influence is huge. The East has put forward a series of luxuries to make the interior a real miracle. It can be simplified and have different views on the countryside. From the photos, we can see the modern elegance. Under the influence of interiorism, Asia also brought lush vegetation, which is connected with simple window sashes and rough wood.

Asian interior has a wide influence on these modern designs,

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, all of which create this jungle like feeling in the interior. Other lower, flatter lines show a more realistic design. The space obtains additional dimensions through warm and bright lighting. In essence, the East has many values, which we will see today. We have a sample of Japanese and Vietnamese houses displayed by phiung Asia. All of these are truly innovative and are not influenced by Asian internalism and its aesthetics. The first is located in Shizuoka, Japan.

plants and green details are a constant. In this open and bright space,

are designed for people living in nearby areas. All combinations are iron based, with gray wood on slats. And other natural colors, reminiscent of an urban jungle. In the design of the living room, the ceiling highlights the concrete panel and wood, and the tone is clearer. Brown Suede sofa is a direct hint of fur. There is a natural portrayal of moss on the table.


and wood leather are another material used in furniture.


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are very relevant watercolor paintings with ocean theme on the wall. Even artistic details perfectly combined with the ground. The natural lighting of this space benefits from the white glass window, which makes the concrete on the ground look brighter. The wooden platform close to the outside is the perfect foundation for plant selection. The whole table is illuminated by iron chandeliers.

flowerpots look harmonious in texture and color.

however, natural light also flooded the whole residential area. All wooden furniture, especially chairs, have another elegant appearance. One of the highlights is the slate decoration between a small shrub. The second proposal, also located in Chiba, Japan, is more industrial. It evokes nature and simplicity in different ways. The same accent comes from wood, concrete and plants. The bright wood effect of

is perfectly combined with the natural light of the restaurant

, creating a room that can almost breathe and relax. Many piping systems are open. Contrast with materials such as brown leather and gray tone. Perhaps most striking is the plant, thanks to an exposed brick wall. Other materials, such as canvas and fabric, are the materials that make up the candlestick. The living room is an environment, in which case it means simplicity without lossR elegant. Gray wood is responsible for shaping the panel shaped walls.

according to the size of the house, the open plan is the best choice. The concrete finish next to

provides a vision different from ferns and other plants. Wooden chairs visually convey the comfort cherished by the whole living room. Every element of modern technology such as TV is on the third floor. The carpenter and the ladder on the wall finally diluted his existence. Like previous Asian interior design, all details are supplemented by plants. They are an important feature of the whole design, and their selection is very balanced.

is another space that integrates the use of wood and concrete into the whole modern design.

olive trees, ferns and some cacti surround the whole living room. Some are placed on the table, like a basin, and some are placed in a flower pot, which is the perfect center of the table. The industrial aspect of Asian internalism and its influence in this case are most obvious in cooking. Marble and wood perfectly balanced space. Chrome plating forms a perfect contrast with concrete.

furniture selection is the guarantee of comfort and style in the living room.

are used in pans, pans and various household appliances, but the extractor is finally emphasized. Other ventilation structures are open. They form an ordered wire aligned with the lamp. In Ho Chi Minh, this time in Vietnam, we found our third modern house. It combines classical and modern, creating a beautiful space. The whole house makes full use of natural light. This is why it is considered to make full use of Vietnam’s light time.

ground material difference is an intelligent regional division mode. All lighting of

are distributed throughout the house to provide consistent and rich lighting. In the living room, the influence of light is undeniable. It has an atmosphere of light gray, wood and beige. Unlike before, the sofa is made of linen with L-shaped ends. The sliding door is the entrance to the modern courtyard. Other details add texture to the space, such as bryophytes and a very distinctive chair. The background of the whole environment is a light gray kitchen.

in addition to the floor, the wood floor has a lighter tone. It is the covering of a wall. The characteristics of

roof can be traced back to the 1950s. Close to the wall, there is a small part of the panel, which looks like a honeycomb in the 1970s. The wall facing the yard gives people a feeling of having their own life. The last suggestion is also located in the same city. It has a surreal direction. In her, Asian internalism and its influence are reflected in the characteristics of simplification and unusual forms. By the way, give him a real unique character. There are lattice windows in the living room.

the walls with light tone wood can be seen from any angle of the shell of

because they directly illuminate the gray mottled sofa and wooden chair. Technically, it is made up of TV and some lights. You can see a wooden closet from the living room. You can see more unusual aspects from the restaurant. Start with a few copper dome chandeliers. The wall itself does not escape the decoration of photographic works and triplets. This is where we left youVisualization of phiung Asia.

kitchen design has a very special industrial style and will not lose its function.

olive tree is one of the selected varieties of modern interior decoration.

succulent plants are decoration

the exposed concrete wall and other elements are another distinguishing symbol

. In this view of the kitchen, you can also enjoy the concrete finish on the

wall and choose beautiful plants for the center From the fresh and natural dining table to the

decorative art in harmony with the house, as another modern and bright apartment style of fashion,

open plan will connect the whole house with the living room and a small modern restaurant

high-grade furniture and Vertical storage is another great solution. In this modern house,

wood floors and furniture finishes are the unique existence of the living room.

creative composition paintings and photos are decorated on the dining room wall

Another modern space combines the functional decoration of classic elements

the living room is different from others due to gold finish and white details

the sliding door allows good air entry and greater comfort

sofa and some furniture are the perfect way to divide the space. They are functional.

the gray tone on the carpet is the perfect combination of the rest of the lounge

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