Barcelona industrial loft, designed by Ffwd architecture

this spectacular industrial loft apartment is a renovation of an old carpentry workshop in the poble sec District of Barcelona. Designed by Ffwd architecture studio, the team’s main goal is to provide space for the room while retaining the existing structural components, charm and uniqueness.

the interior of the Barcelona industrial loft designed by Ffwd architecture

has repaired the brick and stone walls of the building, the wooden beams of the roof, and covered the ground with concrete. The property has multiple apertures, The interior courtyard is connected to the main space of the house. The uniqueness of the house lies in the combination of materials and style. The exposed bricks complement perfectly with concrete finishes and wooden furniture. The original brick facade design of

adopts steel grid

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. The unique layout stems from the wishes of the owner. He hopes that an independent small apartment will receive frequent visitors within one year. When there are no guests in the house, the MDP attic is used as a studio, which is why the house has two separate spaces that can be used independently.


created the modern industrial interior design style. Before the intervention of


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, there were serious problems. Brick walls, stone walls and ceilings are hidden under thick plaster and plaster linings. The wooden beams on the roof are seriously damaged by termites in some areas, which can easily affect the overall stability of the building.

original island concrete kitchen cabinet and wooden kitchen cabinet

The property has several daylighting openings, and the existence of the internal courtyard enables Ffwd to use translucent glass on street windows to highlight natural light while maintaining privacy. This establishes a visual connection between the main space of the house and the courtyard, which is the focus.

the original industrial style living room design

in some main areas, the attic is organized with closed boxes, in which there are the most private places in the house, such as bathroom and dressing room.

original modern bedroom design with brick wall

bed features the smallest design with a wooden headboard, which can easily adapt to any room and any style.

modern industrial style kitchen design

based on this method, the bedroom space also forms and maintains the separation from the daytime area of the house. Therefore, the final design provides uniqueness, warmth and charm, combining different styles and levels.

apartment type industrial Loft Interior Design

modern cement island kitchen design Open and spacious

modern living room design, equipped with cement bench

* Ffwd building



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