Barn style sliding wooden door – 42 ideas

wooden sliding doors have gradually become an important trend of interior design in the world. They are popular because they have our favorite country spark because it adds warmth and texture to the room. Today, we will review some interior design options, including sliding barn doors, and look at some inspiring ideas.

wooden sliding door barn style

when you think of barn doors and how they are used at home, the first thing you think of is the bedroom. Considering that this is a comfortable space, this is a perfect place.

beautiful wooden bedroom sliding door

the advantage of barn interior doors is that they can adapt to a variety of styles. Therefore, whether your bedroom is simple, traditional, modern or modern, there should be enough space to personalize it.

designed by Douglas * a. McQuillan

make full use of the wooden barn door to add warmth to the room, and use texture and color to please you, while keeping the rest of the bedroom decoration simple, neutral and bright.

wooden sliding door

if you really want to attract the attention of bedroom doors, please consider getting a pair of sliding barn doors instead of one. There is no doubt that they stand out not just because of their size, But also because it maximizes the rustic charm of the room.

original barn sliding door

compromise interior design is the best, because they allow you to combine the elements you like, even if they belong to different styles. In other words, sliding barn doors can share space with modern lights, traditional carpets or old bedside tables.

blue sliding door

people often want to show the sliding barn door they add to their bedroom to make sure it highlights. However, if this is not your wish, you can integrate the door into the decoration.

white invisible sliding door design on the wall

there are several ways to make the interior barn door of the bedroom look natural. An example might be interior design, where doors are similar to ceiling or floor beams. A less eye-catching method is to paint the door white or the same color as the wall.

country style sliding door

bedroom barn door can also be matched with smaller things such as bedside table, bedside bench or window frame. It is important to maintain cohesion everywhere.

original yellow sliding door design

you may think that the internal barn door is only suitable for large and spacious bedrooms, but this is not the case. Even a small bedroom can make you feel the beauty of the country.

original narrow wooden door

in fact, sliding barn door is a very effective choice for small rooms, Regardless of its purpose or function, you can use it in many ways, or adjust it according to your favorite style.

beautiful country wooden door

bedroom door can be operated manuallySimilar to a work of art, it becomes the focus of this space.

beautiful room with barn door

. If you want your internal barn door to be the focus of your bedroom, please use color contrast, texture and style to achieve this appearance. Another option is to use the barn door as inspiration, as the starting point of bedroom decoration, and use recycled wood and rural decoration to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

wooden sliding doors

basements can be very comfortable, although they may feel dark and gloomy. It’s up to you to turn this area into a pleasant living environment. Please consider using this space as a bedroom or game room or entertainment area.

original living room sliding door

what’s the use of living room sliding door? If you keep an open mind, you will find many interesting ways to use barn gate in such a space. Use it to hide your collection.

beautiful living room wooden sliding door

or, if the room is a multi-functional space, please use the wooden sliding door to distinguish between space and function, such as hiding the sleeping area or maintaining the privacy of the workspace.

original sliding door of furniture TV

another very interesting way to use sliding barn door is to hide the TV. For this special purpose, the door must be small and customized. For example, this decorative choice may be ideal for a country living room. The original design of

sliding door

in order to better integrate into the room decoration, the small sliding door can be painted before installation.

beautiful wooden sliding living room door

a social area can have multiple functions. For example, it can be used as an entertainment space where family members can read books, play board games together, or just relax. Now imagine how comfortable this space would be if you added an internal barn door.

restaurant design with sliding door

a space can proudly display the sliding barn door without simplicity. The door can be an accent feature designed to contrast with other decorations and stand out in a subtle way.

original red sliding door

as mentioned above, barn wooden doors can be used to separate small areas from larger open plans. For example, a work area can be part of both a spacious living room and a private space. In such cases, it is sometimes useful to highlight the elements that separate the space, which will be the sliding barn door. Drawing a striking color is a simple and versatile solution.

modern wooden sliding doors

can also choose to use large sliding barn doors as space dividers between two rooms. It will remove a wall and bring the two spaces closer, making them work like a wall.

beautiful country sliding door

an office will never feel very comfortable even at home. You can use the restored barn door and decorationPersonalized wall or interesting wallpaper pattern on the wall.

sky sliding door

for cohesion, you can also choose a recycling desktop or wooden workbench similar to a barn door. The floor can also be coordinated with the door, and the roof beam can also be coordinated.

original sliding door design

another option may be to disguise the barn door and hide its strong rural characteristics. They can coordinate with office furniture or share traditional styles.

original modern kitchen sliding door

integrating the granary door into the kitchen is complex because on the one hand, you need the space of the sliding door system, This means sacrificing a wall that could otherwise be used for storage.

original wooden door recycling

the impact of a pair of internal barn doors entering the kitchen helps to achieve a comfortable appearance to make up for the fact that this is a practical space.

beautiful sliding door of kitchen

if your kitchen has a traditional, rural or farm design, please add a barn door to make it one of the most comfortable rooms in your home.

kitchen with beautiful sliding door

barn wooden door is also an ideal choice for kitchen. This is because they are easy to operate and space efficient, considering that they slide to one side rather than occupy the space in front. An interesting option is to use a single sliding barn door, a storage room wider than the door. In this way, only a part of the storage room will be covered at a given time.

sliding doors in the entrance hall

consider using large granary doors to hide some parts of the kitchen, such as wine shelves, storage areas or storage rooms. There’s no need to expose everything.

beautiful hardwood doors

we also found a very clever way to use sliding barn doors in the entrance hall to hide hooks and storage boxes. If design and architecture allow, you can adopt a similar design for your home.

beautiful living room with sliding door

restaurant is another comfortable area where the barn door looks very beautiful and natural.

grey sliding door

to better integrate it into the decoration, please use it in combination with rural or traditional wooden tables and other elements that can coordinate with the door.

original barn door

a pair of sliding barn doors can fully meet your living space needs and facilitate your access to the adjacent terrace or courtyard. In fact, this is usually the purpose of sliding doors.

put a sliding door in the kitchen

, but there is also an option: build a door yourself. Some pages provide excellent descriptions of how to make fashionable barn doors for home offices. When dealing with such a project, you must analyze all the details from the beginning.

put a barn door in the kitchen

Employer, what kind of wood do you want to use and what kind of system do you need. The sliding mechanism of granary door is an important part of the whole engineering design and structural design.

put a granary door in the bathroom.

is good. You can make a lovely granary door for your home without spending a lot of money. If you use recycled wood, you can save a little, and you can choose to find the mechanism in the same way.

living room sliding door

you can build sliding barn doors for your wardrobe or other space for less than 20 euros on the Internet. This project should not be expensive, because there are always solutions you can find and adapt to.

original retro style sliding door

project is not difficult, but it requires a certain degree of skill and attention to detail. Not all wooden sliding doors are the same. As you have noticed so far, each door has a unique and different design.

beautiful country wooden sliding doors

have different construction processes. But if you want a simple barn door without unusual elements or luxury features, check out some online instructions.

beautiful wooden barn sliding door

you can also use barn doors similar to those described in this article to build TV covers. You can use industrial pipes to install mechanical devices. If you want the TV cover to stand out because of its simple beauty, give it a shabby touch.

living room with wooden sliding door

* a. McQuillan


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