Blue interior – use and combination tips

in this article, we will show you some interior design and decoration using blue. The blue in the spectrum is between green and purple. It is said that green has the ability to soothe the nervous system, soothe and relax. Purple invites a philosophical mood, melancholy light and generosity.

bedroom blue

blue is a set of warm and cold tones. We all know that blue has many hues, so when you want to add this color to your heart, you must specify the hue of the color you choose in advance.

if you look around, most of what you see is blue. Although there is no blue thing, it is boring. A physically and mentally exhausted person unconsciously goes to a place with blue. Psychologically, light blue means peace, tranquility, tranquility, freshness, lightness and broad space. Often used in offices or offices.

for dark blue, perception is a kind of anxiety and subconscious attention, but it is also a kind of mystery, depth and emotion. This color is suitable for singles without family, partner or children.

in addition, it is said that the blue

can stimulate the creativity and activity of the brain; Help you rest, relax and find inner peace; Improve hearing, touch and visual perception; Reducing hunger; Coordinate the environment; It evokes sex appeal.

blue details in the living room

psychologists do not recommend excessive use of this color for people with depression, who often suffer from unexplained depression attacks, mood swings and pessimistic thoughts.

the combination of blue and other colors

the combination of blue and white

is the perfect space for classic design. In this case, we can use any hue of blue. Create a relaxed, fresh and cool atmosphere. The combination of blue and white can even create an almost perceptible cold. It can be diluted with bright accessories. In a white and blue design, we can add details of coffee, chocolate and crimson.

blue and black

are not suitable for indoor combination. A combination of bright blue and black is not appropriate. The darker shades of blue are worse because darkness puts pressure on design and the mind. The only way to solve this problem is lighting. Use lights that emit yellow and cool light.

small living room in blue

blue and yellow

a few years ago, the combination of blue and yellow was a fashionable indoor compromise style, among which comfort was the most important. But remember, whether it’s cold or hot, you need to combine yellow and blue. Even light yellow can produce a significant contrast. Yellow and bright blue in a rustic interior.

is the best combination of blue and orange

. If you want a harmonious tropical style. The combination of bright orange and blue may be too much for the eyes. Choose light peaches, pumpkins, salmon. Blue should be bright, otherwise orange will appear pale and expressionless.

combinations of blue and red

can stimulate the nervous system. Comments more than a month agoThese colors can be said to be quiet. Red can give blue a greater depth, if one color dominates and the other is used only for detail.


blue and pink

are a combination, which reminds us of the era of pop art. Yes, but only if the colors used are similar and equally bright. For example, the combination of blue and pink should be hot pink and cold blue. Light color is mainly used for the decoration of children’s room.

blue and Brown

this is an ideal combination. There are rich and elegant colors in any space. This applies to all natural shades of Brown – Cocoa, clay, cinnamon, etc.

blue and green

the combination of blue and green is not an easy thing, but it is everywhere in nature. These tones blend into a dark color. It’s not clear where blue-green starts. You need to dissolve in space, or at least clearly define the boundary between the two colors. Blue should be as bright as green and vice versa. There are no bright warm accessories inside, green and blue. You can simply base on blue-green and vary according to the light.

the combination of blue and gray

is rigorous and elegant. The hue of blue is best close to the purple part of the spectrum. It must be darker than light gray, purple or other colors. The most commonly used is matte grey, but bright grey looks very noble with blue or purple. Dark grey and light blue complement each other perfectly.

original white and blue combination

uses blue in interior design, which is the favorite choice of contemporary designers. You can choose the right color for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, corridor and office.

can also use a variety of blue tones. One dark tone plus two light tones may be an interesting combination. In order to make the space brighter, we suggest you choose the lightest dark blue for the wall as the furniture and choose the middle tone for the accessories.















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