Brazilian beach house designed by Arthur Casas studio

in the last article, we showed you a country villa designed by studio Arthur Casas. Today we’ll show you another design. This time it’s a house on the beach, called TM house. The house is located on a remote beach in northeastern Brazil.

is a beach villa in Northeast Brazil, with a swimming pool in the garden. The owners of and

have a 6000 square meter land, but because they want to make room for their children and grandchildren to build their own house in the future, they require the house to be built on a small part of their land.

residence is located on the beach in Northeast Brazil, with tropical garden and

. The project has two simple volumes. The first floor is a public area and the first floor is a bedroom. In order to better see the sea from the house, the house itself was raised by 1.20 meters.

another precious photo of this modern beach villa

in order to create a comfortable and carefree atmosphere, most of the space of the beach villa is highlighted by wood. The structural width of the beam is large (18.5M), Strengthen landscape integration. The houses on the beach of


are designed to be very ventilated. The glass doors of the open space


, ,


slide completely to realize the complete integration of indoor and outdoor. On the first floor, we have all the living space, on the bright wooden floor, which helps to integrate a large terrace with a view of the beach.

the modern living room is equipped with two sofas

wooden sliding doors to take us to the second floor where the bedroom is located. The construction process becomes more complicated due to the difficulty of access, especially in the case of rainy winter in the area.

very bright living room and restaurant

construction needs to be constantly modified to simplify the details. The transportation of beams and glass doors imported from Portugal needs the high attention of the logistics department.

gorgeous decorative details

interior design is inspired by the large horizontal line of the building. The objects we see are organic and soft. The owner received many guests, which is why the layout is designed to have several residential areas. For example, the two large tables on the balcony are made of wood.


indoors and outdoors. Leonardo kosoi’s photos bring strong ocean blue to the living room, and local handicrafts are added to the space design. The furniture is combined with antiques and Italian items purchased in New York.

is a small bedroom with white walls. The garden design of

is designed by landscape architect Renata tillI to create close relationships for families and connect the house to the beach through winding roads. Local species are mixed with plants adapted to harsh weather.

bedroom adopts modern design

as shown in the previous photos, the vegetation improves the connection between indoor and outdoor, and uses strong red light to emphasize color and texture.

narrow bathroom




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