Bright attic renovated by Prisca Pellerin building

the update space is as interesting as the design space from scratch. Renovating apartments or any space is to revive them. Make them more functional and comfortable by adapting them to our needs.

loft features elegant design and bright environment

today we share one of the important renovation cases. This is an attic with light colored details, a combination of wood and white. In the design of this attic, you can enjoy some natural details and make it full of style. One of the achievements of Prisca Pellerin’s architectural and interior design is lighting. The project of this attic is essentially a complete renovation of two components. In this type of building, lighting and other details are a common problem.

loft design combines wood with white on the wall. The choice of

Prisca Pellerin Architecture & interior design is to eliminate partition. This is the first step to improve the lighting quality of the attic. Resolving these differences will also help improve prospects. As for the input of natural light, the window is the most basic detail. Choosing colors in small spaces is also crucial. It is a perfect choice to match different shades of gray and white. Different textures of gloss paint, polished or matte cement paint and satin finish can help to improve this luminous effect.

various options for natural light entering the kitchen and small living room

in fact, everything is collusive, even materials such as linen, white wood, bricks or suede. Interestingly, in this attic, you won’t miss the feeling of warmth and comfort. Although this is a clean space, it is very simple. In every area of this place, plants are a good supplement. Each brings freshness and evokes the external area. Like many renovation projects, the condition of the top floor is complex.

plants are an excellent resource to keep this bright attic alive.

Prisca Pellerin Architecture & interior has found a space that has been greatly damaged by time and residents’ neglect. Some obvious damage occurred on the floor and beam. Except for the outdated lining at that time. The bathroom has serious problems in distribution, which undermines comfort. On the other hand, the kitchen is too small for daily activities. The biggest challenge at that time was to turn this place into a real house.

log beams retain the characteristics of indoor buildings. Another important aspect of the reconstruction project of

is to solve the problem of low height of inclined roof. This is necessary because they become an obstacle that hinders the flow of air and lighting. Once this problem is solved, we can see in the image that there is no visual obstacle. From the bedroom to the living room, nothing can block the view. When you look from different angles, the perspective will become more prominent due to different elements. An entrance light on the ceiling of

is very suitable to illuminate this small kitchen. The walls, floors and bar counter of

kitchen play a greater role. It can be said that they are used as a resource to highlight the perspective. The way Priska works inside is the same as Palin’s. For this reason, furniture with lower height was selected. In sharp contrastWall design Due to the white and light gray accent, it will not lose a certain warm effect.

white is the main color on the wall. Different elements

space becomes more dynamic due to the visual effect created by texture. As we mentioned, bricks, leather, suede and concrete help create shadow effects and enhance the sense of space. A barn type metal door found a very special bathroom. As a sliding door, it helps to optimize the space of this area. The furniture in the bathroom is very attractive.

aging wooden beams can also be seen in the bedroom

, especially through a perfect recycled furniture, stored in a basket, and all necessary things. These plants form a beautiful garden in the bathroom on the top floor. As night fell, the lights changed and became a more intimate place. We can deal with intimacy by simply unfolding white linen curtains. Another curtain has the function of hiding the washing machine behind the bathroom.

a metal door barn is a good idea to optimize the space

if we had to define the kitchen in two words, we would say it is simple and discrete. However, it is a comfortable place, although it is two meters long. These components have been effectively combined. A large fridge next to a closet in the corridor is no trouble at all. The sink space is also spacious and practical, meeting all the needs of kitchen space.

plants are a detail. Even in the bathroom

bedroom, there is a special wooden mattress. The cabinet is covered with leather and suede, which highlights the comfortable appearance and is very suitable for rest. Wood flooring is a common appearance in different areas and rooms is one of them. As an important detail, we must say that this is a waterproof soil. There are other storage options under and around the bed.

fiber basket perfectly conforms to the popular natural details

problems, such as isolation in the attic is very important. Prisca Pellerin Architecture & interio attaches great importance to this point during decoration. Its renewal is the complete use of thinner mineral wool insulation. Once the project is completed, the results are self-evident. It has become a room where it can be occupied to a minimum. Let’s enjoy the details in Hugo hebrad’s photo.

white is one of the protagonists in the plan of bathroom furniture

, which contains the distribution of different areas of the updated attic

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