Buro 18 modern and comfortable interior design

in this article, we will discuss the internal design of a very special website. This is the residence envisaged by blue 18. This house, located in Russia, is a good example of interior design. Especially if we like textures and use various geometric contrasts.

interior design, natural and elegant elements

just look at a few photos, you can feel that you are in front of a top hotel. Due to its location in Moscow, the residence has various urban style details. However, this beautiful house has an incredible living room, and the whole room is gray. However, the blue 18 project also has some more modern industrial styles.

interior design, wood floor and glass wall elements

this unique regional lounge contains a circular seat around the first floor. Become a focus that can not be ignored. Although the interior design is very modern, it maintains all kinds of contrast in geometry, and there are all kinds of textures inside the house. Wood paneling is an option to fill restaurants and offices with their own style.

walls, including wooden boards and shelves integrated into decoration.

can be said to have their own personality. A translucent glass partition acts as a partition in the lower layer of the living room. The double height of these spaces is what attracts people. Even if you don’t want the board to look attractive. They immediately attracted people’s attention, especially in areas near large screen TVs.

the grey on the walls, ceiling and carpet brings beautiful and elegant effects.

the interior design of Buro 18 includes a very important role fireplace. She acts as a partition between the dining room and the living room, separating the office space. These paintings are perfectly combined with the concrete wall, which reminds us of the gallery to maintain a certain masculinity. All the decoration and comfort of the house make it the perfect place for celebrations or any meeting.

interior decoration art is in perfect contrast to the concrete

on the walls. The modern and refreshing effect is completed by a set of chandeliers and other lights Embedded. In between, all the relaxing effects of this interesting work of bru 18 reach its highest expression. Enjoy these beautiful contrasts and lighting game details in a material mixture of truly relevant and modern results. A space, however, still has a comfortable and fresh image that will surprise any visitor.

space makes full use of natural and artificial light to highlight the

pictures. Wood is also the protagonist in the space, such as the gray contrast of bathroom

curtains and lights next to wood to create an atmosphere The special


, ,


large windows are the perfect solution to fill the space with light Bring a new color accent to the house

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