Charming attic, interior design concept

you may have seen attics in American films, their organization, furniture and their transformation in completely different rooms. Those who have an attic at home may not know what to do. They put all their old things there in the hope that one day you will need it. In this article, we will give you some ideas about charming attics and what you can do with them.

attic has charm and decoration concept

first, the attic is located under the roof, where many of you put things you no longer need. All these old things can be thrown away or stored in your garage, In this way, free up the space you are about to convert to a new room. After cleaning, the

warm color attic converts it to a

room before you choose what you want to do under the roof, You must consider the size of your attic, because it depends to some extent on what you can do with it.

make the attic a living room

if your attic is small, you won’t have much space to accommodate too much furniture. We don’t recommend you to place too much furniture because there will be no space to accommodate you in the end. So if it’s smaller, you can turn it into your son’s living room or room, or if you want to be a guest room. In a small room, colors are very important because with them, you can create a comfortable and spacious feeling. With this in mind, you can bet on hue and pink, or you can combine the two.

the charming attic becomes a game room

, if your attic is larger. You can turn it into a game room where you can meet your friends. If you like some special games, such as billiards, you can put a table in the middle of the attic and several sofas on both sides. So you have some modern, original attics.

there is a game room under the ceiling

however, if your style is more traditional, your house has classical and traditional characteristics, but you want to turn the attic into a game room, you can put a wooden billiard table, usually, Your furniture or games can be made of wood, and the design is more classic.

a large attic becomes a room with game room

. At the same time, the attic can be a room and a game room, one of which can be called the living room. This kind of attic furniture may be more compact, and their colors must be used for the decoration of the attic. The game can be the one hanging on the wall or the so-called living room near the bed. This is one of the most charming attics in American films.

provides a spectacular loft for film lovers, equipped with TV

, and we also provide you with some design lofts that can be converted into cinemas. These loft ideas are ideal for film lovers. You can put a plasma that can be placed on furniture or walls and several chairs to enjoy your favorite movies.

the cinema in your home. In your attic,

armchairs can also be placed alternatelyIn a higher position, the room looks like a real cinema. In this way, the person sitting in the back seat can watch the movie quietly without being blocked by the head in front.

a country loft with TV and sofa

creative combination can also bring you some charming lofts. You just need to choose the ideas you want to combine. You can see another picture of the living room in the style of wood, but you can see it in the attic. On the other hand, if your attic is larger, you can divide it into several areas, each with a different room.

attic and living room are the most compact space in your home

on the other hand, you can equip the attic with a bed, a sofa and a table with plasma on the wall in front of it. If you have more space, you can also put a table. So you can turn your attic into a room with a living room.

turn your attic into a gym

it doesn’t always take a lot of things to decorate your attic. Its decoration depends on what you want to do with it. In the charming attic, you can also add those attics that have been transformed into gyms. In this way, you can make use of the corners of your home and get the most benefit from it.

your office works in your

attic, or you can convert the attic into a workplace and move your office there. To make it more original, you can make a triangle on the wall or other ways to place your folder of interest. In this way, you can turn the place you use to store garbage into a very good workplace.

when we move the apartment to the attic part, the attic can become a

apartment. The interior of our residence has another image and modern elegant feeling. Interior decoration can be decorated with bricks on the wall and some designed furniture, which will increase the style of the interior.

has an attic bathroom with inclined windows

family bathroom and attic

move the restaurant to the attic

convert the attic into a wardrobe

a Very modern rooms are transferred to the attic

the gray charming attic, combined with eye-catching and pleasant colors

the modern attic has become a window on the bedroom

attic, Strategic location of creativity and Modernity

a small attic has become a comfortable bedroom

the idea of a large attic, all spaces and

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