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El í as Rizo architects’ GG house: the GG house project comes from a very special committee. On our page, you will find more charming house designs to inspire you. The client is a middle-aged bachelor who wants to build a house in a forest on a mountain property for the weekend. In addition to the topographical conditions, the project also involves unusual privacy requirements, This makes the relationship between space and environment more open.

house has charm and modern design

house is located on steep terrain, overlooking the mountain plain. From the house you can see Colima volcano in the distance, but you can see it from the top of the oak tree. Terrain is the decisive factor of project design; It is designed as a series of terraces, dug on the mountain and connected by a tortuous road.

charming and natural house

enter the property from the highest point. The vehicle drove along a path through the hillside and entered a garage on the middle terrace. Under the frame of a stone gate, the garage sank to the mountain. The roof of the house is the first facade seen by tourists. It can be seen in the trees. It is like a concrete slab covered with gravel, revealing the broken outline of the building.

weekend villa was designed by Elias Rizzo architects.

coming out of the garage is a staircase composed of variable size rectangular stone slabs and a gravel carpet, which seems to indicate that the building is extruded from the ground. At that moment, the front facade of the house is exposed and painted, and it will age at will like other materials. Over time, the plate will lose its luster and rust, leaving rust on the stone. Over time, the stone will be mistaken for laterite, The area is very distinctive.

spacious houses

entrance hall passes through the building and is divided into two equal blocks. At the end of the west block, there is a roof terrace hanging from the floor and connected to the master bedroom through the window. The rest of the house consists of two rooms, each with its own bathroom, toilet and laundry. The block on the east side of the entrance is the living room, dining room and kitchen; Everything is in a big space.

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