Children’s bedroom – functional concept designed by van staeyen interior designer

children’s bedroom is such a family space, which is often a challenge. Whether decoration or configuration, children’s dormitory has different requirements. This is more than just a place to rest. This is a special area for children and must meet the needs of children. Therefore, the children’s dormitory needs a rest area, but also a play area.

children’s bedroom is decorated with pine

. If they are the elderly, they also need a small table to do their homework. Let’s take a very amazing design as a reference. This is a project completed by van staeyen interior designer. They are responsible for designing this interesting space of a luxury house. The room has two beds and is expected to have a very interesting and fully functional playground. In particular, the beds of both children have a very practical position. They are located on both sides of the structure. So everyone has their own space, including the table. There is also a window to improve the input of light.

children’s bedroom window decoration wood panel

has no neglected storage space. So there is a shelf beside the bed with horizontal teeth on it. It’s a good idea to put a night light or a story book or toy. As an attic, it contains a game space. A common demand of children’s dormitory. To enter this space, there is a staircase. In order to make the design more interesting, the clipping in the design itself is the window. Everyone can enjoy the rest of the bedroom. Generally speaking, you can say that this is a small house in another.

stair view of the secondary passage, with game areas

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, providing comfort and safety for children. There is no doubt that this is a special place where you can rest and study. The characteristics of this luxury house in rural Belgium made the project a success. Their space conditions allow children’s bedrooms to use higher volume. In addition to the bed and the top floor, the room is basically divided into three parts. Left, right and top of the game area.

is an ideal small desktop for learning or reading books

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. With the passage of time, the floor area can adapt to video games or watching movies. It depends on the children’s age, but the best thing is the versatility of this part of the bedroom. Its customization is very interesting. Its residents will be able to do this with interesting colors and accents and create a very private atmosphere. As we mentioned, cabinets or drawers are possible because there is enough space. In children’s dormitories, this is an aspect that can not be ignored.

all finishes focus on improving comfort and freshness. Pine is a very creative material that visually adds warmth to this functional bedroom. Enjoy the details of this beautiful work by Van Steen interior architect. There is no doubt that this is a practical and attractive style. Therefore, it may be useful to project or take some ideas for any children’s dormitory.

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