Chinese Library and its internal

in this article, we will discuss a very interesting topic, a Chinese library, its name is Hangzhou Zhongshu Pavilion, which was built in 2016. Let’s take a look at this very primitive and interesting place. It has a very modern and future view.

library is called Hangzhou Zhongshu Pavilion in China.

this spacious library, regardless of size, has a very primitive interior, which we can see in the area designed for children. Let’s notice that it looks like an amusement park with trains, Ferris wheels and even teovivo.

is a library with interesting internal design

. The library is located in a very lively shopping center on Xingguang Avenue in Binjiang District. This is the District of Hangzhou, adjacent to the Qiantang River.

is inspired by the creation of such a style and creative library

when you walk in the street, you can see transparent glass. Through these glass, you can see a white space with circular columns filled with books. The library has become a beautiful cultural monument designed for readers.

an original interior decoration. Sit down and read

. Back inside, we see books everywhere in the children’s area and on the train track. There are circles on the wall, which form the furniture of books. Everything is to create a more pleasant reading space. But we should also ask ourselves, will this very primitive and modern space not distract children too much?

is a modern Chinese library that provides space for children.

there is a typical room in the center of the room, which obviously won’t move, but on these chairs, children can sit down and read, and then take a book from a skyscraper or train. I think now, by reading this information, many of you want to visit this place and take your children there.

children’s space is designed with various conveniences

. As you can see in the picture, there are some gaps under the windowsill of tiovivo, where you can leave chess board games that children can also play. Children’s board games, like books, can be very educational. Don’t forget that Chinese people are quite advanced in education and training, so this needs to be considered.

climb up the ferris wheel, pick up a book, sit down and read

. Here, we see the ferris wheel we mentioned earlier. The ferris wheel is only half, and the other half is the image we see in the ceiling mirror. You see, the building is divided into several parts, from which you can get books and games.

is a modern and original library. There is a space specially designed for reading

. Of course, just like in every library, we have a space reserved for reading. This area is mainly designed for the elderly, because in the children’s area, people want to combine fun and learning.

when we read

, the goal can stimulate our tranquility. Finally, we reached the blank space seen from the outside, the huge glass window, through which we can see the column full of books. Now it is opened in front of us, and we can see it close.

an original library containing all the spaces of

.All traditional

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