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when we want to give our home a new style or image, we can use the living room, because it is a space shared by the whole family. There are many different styles, but in this article, we will focus on the classical salon and its decoration. Almost every photo will attract your attention. This is the layout or organization of these spaces, because the classical style is very characteristic. If you remember how the living room was arranged when you were a child, you will realize this.

classic home Salon

the organization is characterized by very similar positions of sofas, armchairs and tables: sofas are opposite to televisions, armchairs are on both sides, and tables are centered. In some photos, you may notice the addition of chairs, but the style is always the same. Classic living room furniture can imitate the shape of typical furniture popular decades ago, and decorated with gold and flower patterns.

decorates a classic living room

are also very distinctive for these indoor chandeliers. This is a huge spider lamp with many bulbs. Another important thing is the integration of the ceiling and its decoration with classical Greek columns. The ceiling can be made in the form of flowers or lines, but it can also be a false ceiling – a very modern thing today. In addition, carpets are a typical decorative element of the classical living room.

furniture is used in classical salons

however, we can also find modern classical salons. Modernity is reflected in the form of windows and the different layout of furniture. Instead, we see classics in the shape of mirrors and fireplaces. One of the characteristics of classicism is symmetry. For people at that time, symmetry was a synonym for beauty. As you can see, if we divide the picture into two parts, we will find almost the same thing in the two parts.

the ceiling can also be decorated

the symmetrical decoration of the classical living room can also be found here: every object has its other half. On the other hand, in this photo, we can enjoy a modern classical decoration centered on blue. In the classic living room, we can also place three slender candles as decoration. If only there were three, because this number is related to balance and is a sign of artistic expression.

or set false ceiling

we can also find classics in the form. The third number refers to the triangle, because if we halve the triangle, we have two equal parts. This picture with fireplace and triangle is reminiscent of classical architecture and temples. When we hang antique paintings or images of classical or ancient characters on the wall, the charming living room may have a classic place.

classical and modern

so far, we have mentioned some things related to the classical living room, but these rooms also have another very special decorative element, that is, curtains. The curtains of the classical living room are almost always R-shaped, tied with thick rope in the middle. We can also find curtains with short cloth on the top. Their shape is also very classic. It can even be said that this is a retro painting.

symmetrical classic

on the other hand, candles can also be placed on the wall and candlestick. But if you realizeHis number is three. We can decorate these shapes on walls and high windows. Classic living room furniture can be found in smaller rooms. If you have any forgotten old furniture, you can use it to make this living room.

blue balance

classic salon is both modern and creative. As you can see, the style of the armchair is in sharp contrast to the style of the table, creating a very attractive and complex space. In this picture, you can see pure Classics: there is a TV in front of the sofa, armchairs on both sides, a table in the middle and a carpet under it. Of course, everything is the same.

three candles

nevertheless, whether we like exotic or tropical style, we can include such details in the decoration of the classic salon. These details include placing a plant, more specifically a palm tree, on the wall or door, we can make an ark.

above the fireplace is a triangular

ark. It can have columns on the side like the above figure, but it can also be such a traditional ark. In this picture, even if we have plants and ark, it is not an exotic space, because plants are not palm trees, and ark is also very common.

pictures let us go back to the past.

classical and modern also collide in this picture. We look at the organization of furniture in a classical way, but other decorative elements are modern and original, such as chandeliers and TV furniture. The classic living room can also have a rural element, such as the element in this photo. It is composed of walls, which are made of materials and can be seen. In this classical and rural living room, we can put a fireplace, which is made of the same material as the wall and can also be seen. Some classic, simple and small things can be a living room like the one in the picture, which can become a very comfortable and pleasant space.


with curtains. If you do not consider the effect of tables or plates usually hung on the wall, it is impossible to consider the decoration of the classical living room. Nothing can change the image of the wall so effectively. If spaces like lounges are to win in personality, they are always necessary.

decorative curtains

as for the details to be highlighted, they always occupy a prominent space. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the decorative style, you will do well. According to your organization, there are several visual effects that can change the image of the classic salon. When used in large groups, it must be placed carefully.

wall lamp

improper allocation may damage the style of the wall and the whole decoration. It will produce a visual impact and is actually unbalanced. Therefore, we use some simple rules to track our posts, which help us avoid negative results when using tables. This is impossible because it is always a detail that every tourist will notice almost immediately.

some small and classic

organized by region is a simple way to create pleasant visual effects. In order to better position us, we must start from the fact that regions are created by different cadre groups or even one cadre group. We often see big pictures on the wall next to the sofa. Otherwise, clusters also have their attractive side.

collision style

When grouping different types of pictures, they are very attractive. It is this vitality that makes them so special. Of course, for classical salons, it is best not to saturate the environment. Usually, the line of sight moves directly to the picture.

classical pure state

“Therefore, there must be several good positions in the whole space. As we said, it is better to have some well-organized places, rather than some overburdened and excessive things, which will not beautify the space in the end. In the traditional living room, it is not good for the wall to look like a gallery. Or the whole thing lacks order and style.

the exotic

produces well-defined and balanced visual areas. Another basic rule for decorating with paintings is how high they must be. This is directly related to the people who observe them and their height, trying to keep everything at the level of gaze. As long as everything is as natural as possible.

Classic Treasury

often make mistakes and hang them at the height where we are forced to change the appearance. Many experts believe that even sitting people should be able to naturally appreciate our group or painting. The paintings in the classical living room are too high and have nothing to do with the environment.

modern elements

try to maintain consistency between all tables. A simple way is to think about a horizontal line passing through everyone’s center. Only when we want to create different things will we be different. Clusters that maintain symmetry are another major interest in all decorations.

classical and rural

when you draw a vertical dotted line and get similar results, it is symmetrical. It is usually best for lovers of orderly and balanced space. This is a simple method and can get very original results. Visually, if several tables are lined up, the proportion of the living room will be significantly affected. The same is true when they are in a straight line perpendicular to the ceiling.

decorative brick

very comfortable living room

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