Colored houses in Gdansk, Poland

today, we will go deep into a residential area in Gdansk, Poland, designed by ministerstwo spraw we wn ę trzach. From the top, you can enjoy the fun of the whole design; A lemon yellow puppy greeted us with all its luster.

is a residential interior design located in Gdansk, Poland.

this room is suitable for various activities, such as reading and music performance. An integrated library on the bottom wall provides a soft look that extends to the ground.

the original decoration of the residential entrance

when you come down the stairs, it is also painted with clear laminated wood. You can enter the reception area. The decoration is simple but attractive. A huge sundial welcomes tourists. The original design of

, with vintage fireplace and leather armchair and

is one of the most interesting areas in the whole house. There is no doubt that this is the one above; An old-fashioned country style stove is displayed at the bottom of a cement, while the armchair in the previous cork frame area, together with lights and auxiliary ultra-high pressure.

original living room with brown armchair

. Another strong yellow burst appears on the right side of the fireplace, making the rectangular panel placed vertically.

the living room is decorated with burst colors

when we rotate the view to the right, we will notice the change of the stress of the wall decoration to the cool tone. The environment is both industrial and trade-off. In fact, these rare elements have been carefully positioned to complete the whole room.

solid wood composite floor design

look at the changing characteristics of decoration from different angles, which further reflects the genius of this design. For example, from the entrance, you still can’t see the strong color.

kitchen glass sliding door

another detail worthy of our attention is the sliding door to the kitchen. This is an ideal solution for indoor lack of natural light.

original minimalist kitchen design

in the kitchen, we can see some white minimalist cabinets, one of which has a yellow accent on the door. The complementary tone contrast with the blue dashboard reappears.

original dining room furniture

dining room space can also be used as a meeting area. The decoration here is simple, based on a palette of neutral tones.

original modern bathroom

bathroom shows an emphasis wall with vertical wooden strips, creating the feeling of sauna interior. The original design of

cement wall is equipped with hexagonal lamp

a detail that can not be ignored is the hexagonal lamp decorating the concrete wall.

original kitchen design, yellow accent

restaurant, gray chandelier

original glass wall design, Wood and cement

steel handrail stair design

dining table with integrated bench and chair

beautiful gray decoration


visualizer: ministertwo spray we wn ę trzach



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