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when we talk about the decoration of our house, we often focus on the kitchen, bedroom or living room rather than our reception. In this article, we will discuss this problem: cheap reception, we will pay more attention to the furniture and decoration of these spaces.

cheap and fashionable receiver and modern

let us clarify first that this article is specifically aimed at small receivers, in which simplicity can create elegant and fashionable space. This can be achieved by pasting some photos or pictures on the wall. If our wall is dark, as shown in the figure, the image you can place can be black and white, especially if you choose a darker color for the wall. The idea of

is to decorate some small receivers

. However, if your wall color is clearer and brighter, you can put some color photos or pictures. In this way, you can increase the color of your lobby. If you want to look for contrast, you can always find dark furniture, and if you want to blend colors, you can use light furniture. In addition to this decoration, you can also put vases and other characters in your family.

decorate our reception with a large table

the cheap reception can be very elegant with a large table on the wall. In this case, elegance will bring the image of painting. On both sides of the table, you can put some stools or furniture to put shoes.

we can use to decorate the furniture of our

receiver. On the other hand, you can choose such a cheap receiver furniture. Many times, the word “cheap” has nothing to do with fashion and elegance, but they are not necessarily opposite concepts. This furniture gives the hall enough style. In addition, you don’t have to forget that style is created by various details and decorations, not just one.

modern cheap lobby for decoration and style. Our house

is also suitable for cheap entrance furniture like this. In this case, elegance and style come from the irregular shape of the table legs. But this is not the only thing that gives people style. We must also pay attention to the green of the table. It is both colorful and vivid, and combined with flowers. On the other hand, these two lamps also add style and elegance. Finally, we have a mirror, a very elegant and original mirror.

is a kind of small furniture used in houses with small receivers

, which means that if you want fashion and elegance, you must focus on all the details rather than one. A small, cheap reception like this is more classic and looks good in a more traditional interior. For example, in this case, in order to increase the classical atmosphere of the hall, you can put some books, photos or vases.

is a modern wardrobe, which is very suitable for small reception room

. However, if you want a modern reception room, in addition to doing all the things I mentioned earlier, you can also buy and place wardrobe. The idea has been applied to larger hallways with enough space for wardrobes. It doesn’t have to be too big, as long as an original modern design is enough.

provides our receivers with cheap and practical

tables. There are also receiver tables. These tables are only for decoration, because you can’t get your shoes dirty.Or your bag or coat. Because they are used for decoration, you can put all kinds of things on them, such as books, numbers, vases, Etc.

decorate our reception with red carpet. In modern and cheap reception, you can combine cheaper and more practical items with some ideas to improve the style and Modernity of the reception. For example, one thing you can do is put some small carpets on the corridor leading to the living room. The color of these carpets must be selected according to other hallways and their colors.

small foyer is decorated with long clothes hangers and animal heads, and there is the cheapest foyer of

on the wall. You can also choose to place an extended clothes hanger with a space for umbrella at the bottom. In these halls, you can put a bench. It always suits your shoes because you can sit down. For more complete decoration, you can put pictures, photos or other decorations you like on the wall, or part of what you like to do.

a small and cheap white decorative receiver

is the simplest, most classic and simplest thing, and integrates the style and practicability of cheap receivers. This is the receiver designed in this way.


decorate our hall in white, Corridors and stairs

the reception room can also be decorated with plants and flowers

a small and cheap reception room with a very compact furniture. All

have space Vintage or retro style

the classic style of our small practical receiver

is a bank that provides style and simplicity for our cheap receivers, Small and practical

a small and practical receiver decorated with irregularly shaped mirrors. The decoration of

receiver can be completed with vases and other decorations All our things have space

a cheap retro style small receiver

decorate our receiver with a small original font

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