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today, we have some very interesting interior design concepts, including walls, floors and concrete ceilings. The technology and treatment methods used in concrete today have gone a long way from concrete block houses and warehouse floors. In interior design, exposed concrete ceilings and floors are becoming more and more common.

interior design of concrete wall

as you can see on this page and other articles

interior concrete ceiling design

you can use the building strength of concrete as a design element. If you need to strengthen the concrete column in the middle of the living room or kitchen, you can choose Perfect, as long as you use them to create a great effect.

bathroom with wall and concrete bathtub

our most important advice today is that if you want to use concrete at home, you must ensure that you work with a qualified and trusted contractor.

white bathtub emphasizes bathroom and concrete wall

if you don’t like the color of exposed concrete, this material may be similar to other materials. In addition, concrete can be formed into any shape. If he can find a good manufacturer, he can make their concrete look like traditional limestone in the mold.

the concrete shower wall of the industrial bathroom

can use the natural color of concrete to create a better design. For example, by combining concrete with wood tones and carpet with warm tones, you can create a warm and comfortable space.

the bright living room is equipped with a concrete wall highlighting

. Concrete is an intelligent substitute for the characteristic painted wall. A huge concrete wall in your space will enhance the industrial feeling space.

concrete wall with chimney in living room

concrete plays a special role in traditional interior. Concrete can be used to add a solid touch to any interior decoration with traditional decoration. You just need a counterpoint.

kitchen with black island roof and concrete columns

concrete is a material that produces a unique appearance and is industrial. But this material is very tactile and can be used for many purposes. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” can’t be used for the “KD SPE” and “SPS” walls, if you need the “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” concrete slabs, respectively, The architectural elements are made of concrete.

kitchen concrete walls

floors, ceilings and concrete walls add interest to your interior design and are eye-catching, suitable for a variety of styles.

is a kind of concrete ceiling, which highlights

on this open design attic. This material is usually used for emphasis walls in spaces, where the contrast is to look elegant or have a certain industrial charm.

the concrete wall at the entrance of the residence

the concrete wall can also be the focus without the need to decorate the wall with works of art. In these photos, you can see all the beauty and versatility of this material.

wall DIn the modern bedroom

, the owner removes all paint layers from the walls of the white brick and concrete roof to expose the concrete below. But if there is no concrete under the paint, you can choose to add a layer of concrete to the surface of the wall. You can do it yourself or find a professional.

entrance adopts minimalist design, with white walls and concrete roof.

concrete is very suitable for the space with fireplace in contemporary design, because the brick chimney has a great era not long ago. The concrete entrance wall of

bedroom is exposed, and

is not as popular as before. A better and more suitable choice for modern interior design is a concrete fireplace.

living room with furniture and blank wall, and concrete block wall

, so if you have a brick wall stove, you can use cement board for modernization. As can be seen from these pictures, the concrete wall looks particularly beautiful in the corridor and at the entrance of the house.

entrances are well illuminated by concrete walls.

lights usually highlight their texture and produce interesting effects. You can choose to include a concrete accent wall in a transition space or at the entrance of your house, and give it a Zen look by placing stones on the floor of the wall. As shown in the figure above.

modern kitchen is equipped with white furniture and concrete island

, so the wall color will become the focus of the whole room. In some cases, concrete walls can be used as the foundation of a room to make it look uniform and balanced.

another concrete island in the kitchen

you can use this feature wall and combine it with a carpet with a similar concrete color tone. In this way, gray will surround the room. The

living room is equipped with black furniture, wood floor and ceiling Concrete

if the room has large windows or glass walls and beautiful scenery can be seen between natural light and natural light, the strategy is the most effective.

kitchen with wooden furniture and concrete ceiling

there are no rules for using concrete walls in families. Any room can have walls, ceilings and concrete floors. As long as you add appropriate decoration to the surrounding environment, they will look beautiful.

butterflies decorate the concrete walls of the

lounge. If the single wall accent is not enough and you are looking for an industrially attractive design, you can choose to abandon all concrete walls. Please consider using this strategy when decorating the basement. This seems to be the perfect style of these spaces.

entrance design is simple, concrete wall

for people who love industrial style, an interesting choice to highlight a corner of the house is the concrete wall, and its effect is eye-catching because of the special charm it can provide. Especially when it is combined with walls covered with other materials.

a black-and-white minimalist design space

industrial style finish is a trend and has won more and more followers because it can be perfectly combined with modern and contemporary styles.

bathroom has a wooden wall and another wall Concrete

the walls and floors of houses are very importantAunts, especially when deciding on the style of their house. Ideas are infinite, so making a choice that you will have to live for many years may be a stressful experience, especially without doing a little research first.

eye catching frame decorates the concrete wall of the bedroom

that’s why we help you get inspiration by showing you ideas and tips about interior design, because if you have a rough idea of the colors and styles you want to create and use in the design Indoors, this process becomes much easier.

the idea of decorating the living room and dining room with the

frame integrates the industrial designed

living room with the concrete ceiling and wall, and the color is very bright

monochrome Design Apartment

lounge and kitchen with concrete ceiling

lounge with high ceiling and concrete wall

white bathroom with concrete finish

bathroom with concrete floor and wood floor

concrete ceiling painted white to conform to Carlson’s design of

concrete block TV wall

modern lounge Design homepage





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