Contemporary residence in Santa Monica, California

today, we provide you with pictures of a modern house in Santa Monica, California. In this design, there are many ways to design a house. Disco interior designers have been trying to set us on a journey for many years.

contemporary residence is equipped with a very bright living room

, which is realized through calm and imperfect aesthetics. This design attempts to create a balance between interior and architecture, respect the structure of space, and the only purpose is to provide a comfortable place.

modern residence has excellent decorative details

. As you can see, these rooms open over time, providing easy and simple calibration balanced with modern life.

lamps are very original. In the contemporary living room,

practice is the same for every room. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between tradition and modernity and between aesthetics and function. The

dark brown sofa matches the

auxiliary table

there are no unnecessary objects and details in the house, because the designer firmly believes that the house can be filled with less details, but it is still a powerful space.

furniture and natural wooden island in the kitchen

is a dreamy modern house, but it is no different from real life and is destined to continue.

luxury restaurant is located in the modern residence

. You can see the furniture and decoration of basic materials. These materials convert light and organic texture into soft tones, such as metal. When touching, you will feel polished, leather, softness and floor, which can better reveal the soul of the house.

creative painting wall decorates the white walls of contemporary restaurants.

furniture and carpets form a contrast with the retro interior decoration, making the home not only modern, but also classical and familiar.

the brown leather bed and chair in the bright bedroom

uses a clay tone palette to try to mark the transition of seasons and relax your eyes with harmonious tones.

wooden bedside table and precious desk lamp

are so subtle that guests are invited to observe carefully, explore and deepen the relationship with space and each other.

the walls and cream furniture of the second bedroom

Krista Schrock and David John Dick founded their company in 2011 to create warm modern design and exude “the enviable atmosphere of California”. Now let’s review the photos of this beautiful contemporary house and draw inspiration from the palette and details used in the design.

blue back bed follows the palette of restaurant

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