Corian materials – what is it and how to introduce it into interior design

today, we will introduce you to Corian materials and how to use it in interior design. This material was produced by DuPont for the first time. ™ 1966。 Because of its unique combination of aesthetic and technical characteristics, stone is widely used by designers and architects in the formation of indoor space, and can have different functions and unique styles. The

Corian material is the original option of DuPont’s internal

when creating this material ™ They try to express a useful material from the perspective of function and a beautiful material from the perspective of appearance, so as to provide a perfect working surface. The company is making every effort to maintain the natural advantages of its products and eliminate their defects.

enables us to enjoy a beautiful and durable material today, but at the same time, it does not absorb water and crack, imitating the texture and heterogeneity of natural stone.

, a natural and cool material, is designed to adapt to different climatic conditions, which not only changes the indoor design space, but also greatly facilitates outdoor life. The main advantages of Corian.

this material is manufactured in many ways. Due to its plasticity, it can be polished and ground to create a unique beauty unmatched by any surface. The technology is especially suitable for manufacturing unique shapes for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Corian material is the perfect choice for bathroom furniture.

. As we said, it is a solid material composed of natural ingredients, giving it strength and the ability to resist external physical impact. In all our photos, you will also appreciate the beauty of this material.

in addition to being beautiful and strong, Corian materials have a long service life and ensure that there will be no problems for at least 10 and 25 years when Corian promises to maintain its original appearance. Another advantage of

Corian materials is that this product is manufactured with high-quality parts that meet all international environmental health and safety standards. Surfaces made of this material do not diffuse toxic substances into the environment. The SPE “GKD” and “SPS” are the components of the SPE “aluminum” and “GKD” acrylic resin. Another advantage of this material is that it can have different appearance. In return for irreparable natural stone, Corian’s surface can be repaired by good work after any damage. The consequences of repair and original scratches will be completely invisible. Another advantage of

Corian materials is that they lack the ability to absorb water, making them easy to maintain. Since there are no pores in the rock structure, the material can resist stains caused by contact with fluid.

this is a very important thing. If we want to use this material in bathroom design, we must consider this. It is an important fact that some Corian furniture will not be affected by temperature changes in this humid space.

the surface of furniture will not absorb water, so as to prevent the emergence of mold and fungi. By connecting all parts with acrylic adhesive, the beauty of the product can be realized.

because there is noVisible seams give the product an overall appearance. Designers have a unique opportunity to create interesting design variants. In addition, it is hygienic because there are no separate parts to eliminate pollution.

is a perfect material that can be used in areas where many people go in and out. The thickness of acrylic stone slab is 12.3mm. This datum value applies to any surface in a horizontal position. Compared with other materials, this improves the durability of Corian materials. Another important advantage of KD SPE is the diversity of stones. Available in more than 100 colors, the collection offers options for all tastes and designs.

makes Corian a kind of material, which can be suitable for any design style, classic, modern, fashionable tone, color matching natural materials and modern composition theme.

is the bathroom furniture designed by Giulio Gianturco

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. This diversity creates unimaginable and unique creative combinations by carefully designing different styles of interior. If you like, as you can see in our photos, stone is perfectly combined with glass, ceramics and wood.

for those who want to create something special, There are some unique color designs that can be used to highlight the design of the living room.

designers have encountered more and more problems in planning complex modern designs. Today’s homeowners are always looking for more complex and comfortable common solutions.

no longer only pursue fashion and comfort, but pursue design art, because each of us wants a unique design with unique attraction and unique furniture and accessories. But it also needs a comfortable and durable interior. In order to carry out attractive modern design, designers and architects use advanced materials, such as Corian materials.

whether you like Baroque luxury or minimalist strict and elegant fans. Interior design style has long been born, and few are relatively new, but in each style, we can add Corian materials. Now we let you check these photos again and inspire you to use Corian materials in interior design.







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