Create a harmonious environment for your partner.

whenever we decide to live with our partner, there are always some problems, almost unexpected. In addition to the challenges of transferring design concepts to new spaces or decorations, merging two families is not easy. Mainly because of what they have accumulated. The integration of the elements of the two spaces requires some planning. It is best to evaluate the properties of the two spaces before moving. The idea put forward by

to supplement the style

should analyze all contents separately and delete any contents that cannot be used in the new home. We must always start from functionality and communication, especially in the case of small space, and avoid the existence of repeated elements. We must decide which piece is the last. These decisions must be based on realism. As we said, pay attention to the scale and aesthetics of the website. An obvious example may be a large sofa, which is not the best choice for a small apartment.

the mobile concept of modern rooms

the aesthetics and style of the new home must satisfy both husband and wife. This may be an image of the two styles, with a fairly eclectic accent, reflecting their personality. On the other hand, you can choose a new thing that you both like. This is a process in which I have to invest time and energy to reach a consensus. If reaching an agreement is difficult, you can choose different things.

open space idea

everyone can choose a family area and deal with its decoration. Always combining the two styles in a family is a complex test. Because you start living together, these two things need to be prepared. Following these simple suggestions will always be a rich experience. Move ideas and decorations in the pictures below. Pleasant spatial samples provide ideal results for husband and wife life. “SPE” “GKD” “SPS” “SPE” “GKD” “SPS” “SPE” “SPE” “SPS” details, GKD “SPS, Public space

bathroom decoration

modern bright Salon

space with natural accent

table center, plant

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