Creative design of game center and leisure area

in this article, we show you beautiful photos of the entertainment area of the game center, so that most importantly, if we are talking about children, they can study and play in a place designed for them.

entertainment area is located in a game center in Sydney, Australia.

design studio frost * collective cooperated with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PAL design architects to create an interesting and exciting children’s game center in Sydney, Australia.

is a design project of frost * collective. It cooperates with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PAL Design Architects

and works closely with nubo team. Frost * collective has created all elements of nubo brand, Pal Design Associates is committed to creating a beautiful and innovative space for children.

there are various rooms in the room. Each room has a unique appearance designed to arouse children’s imagination. As you can see in the photo, the main room has an area where parents can sit and watch their children play rock climbing and slides on the wall.

we can also see a larger entertainment area and a smaller game area. The design includes a simple wooden, white and blue palette (and a little gray). These colors suitable for children form this interesting space, including a slide, a ball pit at the end, stairs and small corners, which are very suitable for children to play and play.

and game rooms created for artistic activities. This room consists of a blue soft wall that looks like the sky, while on the other wall, we found a board and some bookshelves on which the children put their works.

in another game room, there is a long wheeled table for a group of children with curved wooden details on the wall, which stimulates the children’s imagination and makes them believe that they may be buildings, mountains or anything they can imagine in their mind.

also has a quiet room with a library where children can sit and read alone or with adults. Cushioned seats and hidden lights create an ideal space for storytelling.

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