Dark interior design — two modes of modern residence

we introduced you to two interior designs dominated by dark colors. We discussed the designs of Elena ovcharenko and Igor sirotov. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE” and “SPS”, “KD SPE”, “KD SPE” are more spacious than SPS “,” KD SPE “,” KD SPE “and. It attracts people’s attention with a light yellow sofa, and uses artistic applications to attract people’s attention in amazing places. The original design of

modern living room

furniture is geometric cutting and sharp lines, while charcoal drawings soften the effect with organic curves. Elegant furniture comes from a series of times that challenge the traditional and modern style.

great kitchen design designed by Elena ovcharenko

chandelier is the work of serge mouille, and the chair is a diamond thread designed by iconic designer Harry bertoya.

living room design and mustard yellow sofa

this central carpet is the perfect way to bind the space. Its unique pattern almost echoes the texture of the wall and points to all gray tones within a certain color range.

living room design with Elena ovcharenko yellow sofa

chevron floors and shutters represent a return to classic decoration. However, they seem to be very popular in this field.

modern living room and kitchen design by Elena ovcharenko

complex ceiling modeling is one of many internal elements, leading you to the most historic configuration. Fortunately, this architectural detail can make any space feel beautiful.

modern wall mounted shelves and functional storage area

the large wall mounted storage space on the left side of the sofa allows residents to experience furniture and creative decoration.

the living room is equipped with a set of yellow skin sofa

note that the main furniture is light yellow, while the auxiliary furniture adopts a soothing green tone. This is a theme of retro color, but the overall internal style is modern.

original herringbone wood floor design, with light tone laminated wood

nested furniture, gorgeous illustrations, classical and contemporary decorative influence… It’s hard not to fall in love with this multifunctional interior design.

Igor sirotov’s modern interior design

uses minimalist furniture, luxurious details and innovative materials to leave a lasting impression from many directions. This is a space that does not pursue the common ideal of contemporary style, but uses an attractive and unforgettable design to shape its own niche.

is the original modern interior design of Igor sirotov

. Although it may have an adventurous attitude towards an expanded house, the floor plan of the house is actually very conservative. There is an open entertainment plan in the living room and kitchen.

interior design and wall relief and led indirect lights

creative wall design can be seen everywhere. In the living room, the textured coating covers the lighting, highlighting the burled pattern and rusty color.

yesIgor sirotov

excellent modern kitchen design, indirect lighting hidden around the shape, The same wall has also become an important light source in the atmospheric environment. The original chandelier design of


and the dining room furniture of glass balloon


, ,


have surpassed the times. Hans Wegner’s iconic wishbone chair is balanced with dark and light wood elements, and the chandelier designed by Lindsey Adelman adds a sense of modern luxury.

cabinets are equipped with mirror doors, which are used to realize the amplitude effect of

in the office, and more enclosures will appear. The relaxation area and work area are divided correctly to avoid possible distractions.

offices and living areas are separated by a wooden environmental separator

, and the straight line of the environmental separator strip forms a pleasant groove with the floor covering.

modern guest room design, equipped with spherical chandeliers,

bedrooms are no less than traditional. Large chandeliers create a capricious atmosphere and create a classic wooden cabinet against the background of function and beauty.

modern bedroom design with geometric chandeliers

this room maintains a more refined style, abandoning additional decoration and using simplified design and high-quality materials: adding a dramatic accent, He chose a geometric ceiling lamp, which can focus on the overload of the eyes. The original interior design of

has a vertical garden.

vertical garden can completely transform the interior with its lush vegetation and make the space too rigid.

original modern kitchen design with black furniture

black overall stone scheme appears on the lighter floor of the kitchen. The steel legs of the chair have an industrial impact.

wooden sandwich lining and indirect LED lights on the ceiling

reflective cabinet doors expand the visual range of the room without making you feel too bright.

original modern interior design with wood floors and walls

dark wood and black details are an attractive theme that is not too difficult to achieve, especially if both surfaces have a silky surface. The design of this power distribution room is really beautiful.

corridor design, bright black floor and vertical garden

corridor form a strong contrast with rigid black floor and ceiling. In the absence of natural sunlight, this dramatic palette is a perfect supplement to double the dramatic effect of the skylight.

original bathtub design with integrated LED lights

bathrooms are also dark designed. Maintain a natural appearance by matching a warm wood accent with polished concrete walls.

is the original modern bathroom design of Igor sirotov

. This independent shower is amazing. The round basin has a modern and fresh feeling. Each functional area enjoys the privacy of some walls.

Igor sirotov round shower room designDue to space constraints, bathrooms are not completely common, but isn’t it good to explore this concept?

beautiful bathroom design. The wooden floor is made of Igor sirotov

. Here, we can see the second bathroom, this time with more emphasis on natural wood elements.

storerooms or storage areas are designed in dark tones

high ceilings and eggshell flooring prevent these enclosed spaces from becoming too prominent. They do provide a starting point for the “GKD SPE” and “GKD SPS” interior design, but they do not provide a real starting point for the “ordinary SPS” and “GKD SPE” interior design. Even the laundry looks exquisite, with a dark palette.

visualizer: Elena ovcharenko and Igor sirotov

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