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I believe that every man wants to be a gentleman, in addition to their own temperament to improve. Through dressing collocation to shape more simple.

Suit is the most common element used in the match of men and gentlemen. The stiff material and smooth and strong lines make the figure of men appears more strut. However, the suit also tends to appear too formal. At this time, you can combine the jacket elements in the suit like Beckham, which makes the whole person look energetic and energetic.

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Speaking of Beckham, don’t think he’s just a footballer. His body and temperament are also very good, so he has become a favorite in the fashion industry, dress matching can be regarded as a template for men to wear. Every time he and his wife Victoria appear, they are very sweet in love, also very attractive in style.

David Beckham Outfits Ideas

1. Suit jacket

Of course, Beckham’s fashion prowess lies not only in his ability to wear clothes, but also in the way he chooses items. The suit jacket is not common in everyday life. It has the formality of a suit without the energy of a jacket, but this fashion item can be used in a wide range of situations.

Farewell to the traditional black, white and gray

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Beckham chose dark blue for his blazer. Most of the time, though, suits go hand in hand with the black, white and gray color scheme. But the choice of Beckham is obviously more absorb eyeball, dark blue more reduce age than pure black, and won’t appear too frivolous, do not break brunet sedate atmosphere. Try new color schemes while studying Beckham’s suit and jacket pieces.

Despite the monochromatic palette, Beckham opted for a double-breasted design to ease the monolines of the monochromatic palette, while adding a deep V-neck and a long neck to give him a more stylish look.

Because the jacket element is added in the suit, the whole person will appear a lot of affinity, so the shirt that often appears with the suit matching is no longer applicable at this time. Beckham opted for a plain white T-shirt to match the outfit, which is simple and cool but not distracting, and complements the outfit perfectly.

Pants match

When choosing trouser outfit, Beckham uses blue to department trousers to foil dark blue coat, the whole formed after same color department more shows harmony. And integral match color uses the design that goes up deep next shallow to add lightsome feeling more, let the aura field of whole person young many.

His wife, David Beckham, steals the scene with a black blazer and plunging V-neck jumpsuit. Directly wear a meter eight long legs both visual sense, at the same time and the addition of high-heeled shoes to double the gas field, the whole person are full of arrogance.

2.version and material selection

I believe you have found that the overall style of the match depends on the choice of the version and the material, the single product material and the version is different, the upper body effect will have a very big difference.

Leather material

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 04

Leather material qualitative is wild representative, go up after death can appear whole person overbearing is dye-in-the-wood. Usually men will choose dark leather elements, but because the material comes with a sense of luster will not appear dull and heavy.

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 05

Leather coats are often chosen as slimming versions, which accentuate the curves of the body and make it appear more massive. When it comes to matching, matching bottoms are the go-to choice, while khaki pants, known as the king of everything, can be easily worn over a leather jacket.

loose style

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 06

Just the contrary with leather element, suit version model uses the design of cultivating one’s morality to be able to bring dull feeling instead, use loose version model to meet affinity is full instead. It is well known that Beckham has a good muscular line, which gives the appearance of being solid and tough. But when paired with a loose-fitting suit, it’s more approachable.

Black and white

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 07

A plain black suit with a white shirt and bow tie is the most basic formal look that most men will wear. Classic and easy black and white matching color no matter when will not make a mistake, just if the design that uses the fit, so upper body effect depends on the stand or fall of the figure greatly.

3. A must-have white T-shirt for summer

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 08

While the white T is often used as an interior, it can also be a fashion icon in its own right, as David Beckham has shown.

Iron partner of pure white T-shirt should belong to jeans, the blue and white match color of pure and fresh nature reduces age effect dye-in-the-wood. And man jeans often won’t use to the version that cultivate one’s character is designed, because this can give integral temperament more add free and unrestrained.

David Beckham Outfits Ideas David Beckham Style Inspiration 09

And the T-shirt is not suitable for too loose version, if the figure is better so big can choose a slim version like Beckham show a wave of curves, full of masculinity!


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