Deconstructive architectural movement in furniture

deconstruction is a design movement rising in the late 1980s. The idea is to show how something is built, but it is still an art or architectural form. A unique feature of this movement is that it forces the audience to think about how things are organized. His philosophy advocates that “architecture is a language that can convey meaning and receive the treatment of language philosophy”. Some major architects, such as Frank Gerry, IM Pei, and many other construction companies have created this style of design.

the ultimate goal of this campaign is to manage the raw material consumption of building materials. The environmental impact of building materials will eventually be reduced by obtaining materials from the renovation or demolition of buildings and finding ways to reuse them in another construction project or recycle them in new products. Architects and engineers can contribute to this movement by designing buildings that help adapt and renovate.

most deconstructive accounts start with the amount of building debris entering landfills. To some extent, this is only because fragments are part of our visible and our experience. Yesterday was a functional building, today is a pile of worthless rubble. Even if the kitchen is moderately transformed, there will be a dustbin as large as the kitchen, which will proudly stop in front of the house. From the perspective of the construction site, the flow of materials is very simple. The materials come from the workshop and are assembled into buildings and waste, whether it is construction, renovation or demolition; They go to the dump


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. This simple linear view is deeply rooted in our daily personal experience. If we leave the workplace and look at the wider flow of materials, we all know the route from the downstream of the workplace to the dustbin and landfill. Resources are extracted from the earth, refined and manufactured into usable materials, assembled into buildings, and finally returned to the earth through landfills when buildings are rebuilt or demolished.

deconstruction movement – what is it?

one of the most famous forms of Deconstructive Architecture is access to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Although there are many criticisms about how modern its appearance is compared with the surrounding traditional architectural forms, It is still a good example of Deconstructive Architecture.

in the mid-1980s, a construction company named site architects began to produce and design for a company named best products.

what’s interesting about their design is that the company emphasizes how to promote the limits of creativity in the deconstruction movement. These are the best examples of what creative teams can produce while maintaining the functional structure.

as we know more and more about architectural design, we notice that many movements in the architectural field often penetrate into the interior design field. The two worlds are very similar in the design process. In the past year, we have seen this movement gain its brand in the furniture interior design industry. The public began to look for “new” innovative designs in the furniture industry, and they may have found them.


There is no controversy about the original frame of furniture in the film. Although there is no controversy about the original frame of furniture, there will be no controversy about it. I apologize.

as a movement in furniture design may last for a short time. When furniture becomes straighter and more modern, its appearance seems to have an unfinished quality, which is not popular as a style.

many of the old furniture more than 50 years ago was made of gunny bags, horse hair and tapestries. If you want to make a statement in the living room, but it is not fully functional, If you are a person looking for function in furniture, this appearance may not suit you.

deconstructive movement is considered controversial in any form of design. It has many shocking values that many people cannot easily absorb because of its extreme contemporary design.

Tako chair’s organic shell is made of an integral color polyurethane injection molded steel frame. The shell gives people a comfortable soft feeling and ensures maximum comfort when sitting. Four legged bases are available in American walnut and oak.

above, we can see the works of “seamless” Hadid series: the harmony of straight line and curve shape, from full to empty, fireworks look dazzling, exquisite color paint, Don’t forget some special works, including the movement inspired by water. In short, “seamless” series emphasizes the deconstruction of form to break the cliches in design. When the broken form challenges the design norms, you will get a contemporary furniture with organic spirit. It is also the principle of deconstruction that inspired Zaha Hadid to create a great series of organic furniture decorated with paint. The concept is simple: change the dominant form and usual design of contemporary furniture. Therefore, modern furniture includes inclined shape, smooth lines and completely innovative appearance.

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