Decorate small apartments with 50 square meters or less

today we introduce you how to decorate a small apartment of 50 square meters or less to inspire you.

decorates the small apartment in the style of

. The first apartment we show you is an attic designed by Josep Ru á spatial designer 1 in Valencia, Spain. Initially, this was a project including master bedroom and bathroom.

decorates the small apartment with space Reduced to the smallest

, but as we can see, this attic has a living room, kitchen and bedroom. As with any small apartment design, considering the 50 square meter floor and 20 square meter terrace, the storage problem may become a real challenge.

from the terrace, it is almost as large as the same apartment

, so one of the terraces is covered into a bedroom. The floor is divided into two parts by a curved wall, together with the bookshelf, which helps to smooth the design space.

kitchens are equipped with bars and wooden cabinets.

all necessary elements are integrated to achieve greater visual simplicity and harmony, as well as the possibility of easy movement in the apartment. The aesthetics of this apartment shows us nature, neutrality and brightness. That’s why wooden furniture, earth color, and most importantly light. Another photo of


kitchen is hidden behind an automatic door and integrated into a cabinet along the wall. This kitchen has a variety of functions. It is both a workspace and a restaurant.

lounge and kitchen share a space. In this small apartment,

when we enter the opposite apartment, we will see the bar, which also acts as a dining table and provides additional storage space. The idea of

is to put bookshelves on the wall to place Objetos and books

. Integrating other elements is a difficult task because of the size of the space. Right in front of us, we can see a curved sofa, which connects the interior and terrace.

the bright bedroom of this small apartment

. As we have said, in order to keep this bedroom bright, one of the two terraces is covered to ensure that it is fully open to the house.

one bedroom with white

walls. Special glass on the ceiling of the bedroom and bathroom allows sunlight to enter. The bathtub, built into the floor and covered with the same coating as the floor, is designed.

the bathroom of this 50 square meter apartment

in the next 10 photos, you can see our second choice, which can inspire you to decorate the small apartment.

the small apartment in Ukrainian Kiev

is a studio apartment This is published in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Such a small building was designed by architect luglin.

small apartment hall brick wall

in this house, we can see the very primitive combination of brick, wood and slate textures, decorated with neutral colors, and the exposed brick walls and tiles add personality.

kitchen and dining room are equipped with white furniture.

is a space with an area of slightly more than 50 square meters, that is, 56 square meters. Main intentionDesigners best combine the kitchen and living room in a multi-functional space.

the original texture combination of the small apartment

. From the photos, you can see that in this studio, you need all the space, although they are a little compact.

kitchen cabinets from floor to ceiling

from the photos, we can see that the studio has a kitchen, a restaurant, a bedroom and a relaxation area with sofa.

the modern living room

bedroom area of this small apartment is independent. In order to make it a more comfortable and relaxing space.

a simple and beautiful living room design

the exposed brick wall is a very primitive detail in the bedroom. The interior of this studio is full of modern Scandinavian elements and minimalist furniture design.

bedroom with brick wall

white and wood texture dominate in room decoration and furniture.

this apartment’s narrow bathroom

sink with storage

in the next ten photos, you can see a small apartment in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a coastal city in the Republic of Croatia.

next small apartment

in the photo below, you can see two luxury rooms called clouds, located in the old city of Dubrovnik, close to the main street called stradun, surrounded by the walls of Dubrovnik.

is a very small apartment. Everything is in one room.

the total area of these two rooms is 43 square meters. These rooms are a 17th century building in poor condition and need to be completely renovated.

lounge and bedroom are in the same space

in the photo, we can see the designer’s update of fo4a architecture. They turned the ruins into two luxury rooms, with a total area of 50 square meters, which was basically inspired by the same city Dubrovnik.

is a small apartment with no kitchen.

all 17th century houses on strabin laden street have the same model, and there is always a shop with street entrance on the ground.

light blue furniture is reserved for the living room on the first floor of this very beautiful

. There are several rooms on the second floor, and the kitchen is located in the attic above the second floor to prevent the spread of potential fire.

wall cabinets are embedded in the walls of the small apartment

, with wooden stairs. You can climb to the second bedroom

. In this small apartment, there is also a bedroom

bathroom, which has a very primitive and charming


another photo of the apartment bathroom adopts the modern design

. In the next photo, we can see the mini attic designed by a + Z design studio. The space you see in the photo below is a painter’s studio, and he abandoned it.

the living room of this small apartment is designed by a + Z design studio

. Located in Budapest, it is a luxury base for designers of a + Z design studio.

DecemberPrayer small apartment, equipped with retro furniture


, ,


, is located in the center of Budapest and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gelert mountain, the statue of liberty and the charming Paris style roof. Designers use it to meet when they don’t have time to go to their headquarters.

small choice for decorating apartment kitchens

studio covers an area of 50 square meters and is located in an elegant part of the city, only one meter away from the Danube River. Windows and radiators are original, while other original items are traditional furniture from Transylvania, Ukraine and other parts of the former Austro Hungarian Empire.

decoration small apartment restaurant

choice now lets you check the photos of these four small apartments again and find the inspiration and best method for the decoration of small apartments of 50 square meters or less.

decorate the small apartment with retro design furniture

classical board in the bathroom of this small room

1 Josep Ru á spatial designer

2 lugerin architects






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