Decorative corridors – ideas for dramatic effects

the decoration of the entrance corridor is a lasting impression. This is the first area we see when we enter someone else’s house. Although many corridors are small, tight and dark, you can find one or two elements that turn a flat entrance or corridor into a pleasant transition area where your guests want to stay. The idea of

decorates the dramatic style of the hall

a bank lobby is a very useful work because it successfully creates a more attractive appearance. You can use it to look out when the weather is fine, Or when you just want to spend a little time away from the idea of

technology to decorate the modern style corridor

, the beauty of this special aesthetics is that you can reuse some retro elements and save furniture and lighting. Untreated wood also creates an interesting environment.

corridors are decorated in light neutral tones.

neutral corridors may also look spectacular. The dazzling hues of white are as striking as those of black, especially when it has an accent of bronze, gold, or both.

beautiful old and chic corridor decoration

bright colors are very suitable for creating a vibrant space. Use this feature to add vitality to your corridor. We like the idea of decorating with bright art and wall art, but there are many ways to do this.

original corridor decoration with benches and tables

we also like modern style because it is very suitable for modern life because it is simple and pure. Although this is not the most dramatic decorative style, you can use decorative skills to awaken some dramas.

black corridor decoration design

black will certainly make the space look more compact, but it has more decorative value. With proper lighting, it may look more interesting than claustrophobia.

the idea of decorating the corridor with works of art

modern drama corridor can have completely different attributes. Some people use more traditional decorations, while others show an unexpected mix. The idea of

decorates the corridor with old-fashioned furniture.

also has a way to illuminate the ceiling more easily; Place a spider. A dramatic pendant is a safe way to make the corridor look complex and elegant. The idea of

decorates the corridor and the dramatic corridor of the frame

may look very different and do not necessarily need expensive decoration. Simple artistic impression or design bench can make a beautiful image full of elegance and drama.

excellent hall decoration creativity has dramatic effects.

color is one of the best ways to add drama to the corridor with people. To emphasize this, you can put it in a specific area, such as a wall or ceiling. Hotels often make great efforts to design their dramatic corridors, such as the citizen Hotel Glasgow, which can achieve dramatic effects by changing the color.

original modern style corridor decoration concept

narrow corridor seems to be a rule, especially on the apartment deck. Although they are not allowed to have decent furniture, they are not as difficult to decorate as you think. Wall, floorThe roof has enough surface space to accommodate any rendering and color you choose.

original reception desk design with classic stairs

the modern console in the middle of a century is the best choice to introduce modern aesthetics into decoration. If you want to make your corridor look more elegant, you can also flirt with the accent of decorative art.

beautiful lobby design with central table

. If you don’t want to steal the size of the corridor visually, you can always focus on the ceiling. A simple bright coat of paint will immediately affect the whole design.

original stair corridor design

think about spiral metal stairs, wall shapes, large works of art and unique furniture. It’s not necessary to be a monk. Modern style allows many decorations.

the authentic modern country style corridor design

the fusion of style is always dazzling. Even if you decide to stick to a particular aesthetics, you can still add some accents just to make the environment more interesting. Modern country music seems to be very popular now. It has enough drama to show.

good lobby design reception room

the lobby is always more spacious, so it can be used for almost anything. Many designers like to place a table in the center of the lobby to create a comfortable focus.

excellent corridor decoration design and wallpaper

using wallpaper and patterns is a heavier way to decorate walls. It is also full of space for visual details, which is not always good. If your corridor is small, you may want to decorate a wall.

the corridor design with the

viewport is impressive. However, if you feel that the lobby furniture is a waste of space, we recommend that you check the decorative screen. They can be ornamental rocks, potted plants and trees, sculptures, or even Zen gardens.

original aisle decoration, with lobby furniture and round mirrors, with

leaflets. The dramatic mirror itself is good, but when combined with the console, it may look really great.

decorate the corridor with works of art on the wall.

can always rely on wall decoration to bring color and dynamics to the space. It may be a painting by Salvador Dali, or even an impression of contemporary art. They will give it a different look, but the power they bring is essentially the same.

original contemporary style corridor decoration design

even if your input is quite simple, a dose of dramatic furniture will immediately change you. Consoles are not as easy to store as dressers, but they have some spectacular designs that use natural stone and metal for aesthetic treatment.

modern style original decoration corridor

console with base will immediately capture all appearance, but you must use it with care. It looks better in a spacious hall than in a small entrance.

original aisle decoration design with chandeliers

wall decoration does not have to be purely decorative. Luminous plateAred is the perfect decoration, but it also improves the lighting of corridors or entrances.

corridors are equipped with luxurious marble floors

there is no doubt that marble is spectacular everywhere, but even wooden floors, Your dark corridor will make a good impression.

beautiful entrance corridor design, blue door

your front door may be one of the bright accents in your corridor, like a dresser or crystal chandelier.


aisles are designed in a minimalist style and decorated with ,


works of art. The backlit ceiling perfectly solves the problem of dark aisles. You can also choose a mode to supplement your corridor. The skylight can also bring light and drama to it.

original modern aisle design, the dramatic aisle with blue walls and bright colors of

is particularly impressive. However, remember that the colors you choose will set the tone for your entrance and all direct rooms, so you must ensure that they reflect the overall theme of your interior.

log hall design

log hall design

log hall design

log hall design Environmental separator

original luxurious white aisle design

original aisle wall design, with fish relief

original old aisle design, equipped with modern armchair

black aisle design with photos

contemporary aisle design

impressive modern concrete aisle design

impressive entrance aisle design Modern style

original hall design focusing on the central table

original modern style lobby decoration

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