Decorative stairs – find the most luxurious design

stairs are a very difficult element for architects trying to work in small spaces. In addition to the intention of designing decorative stairs, there is also the problem of railings, especially necessary for children’s safety.

impressive tetrarc decorative stair design

in addition to interesting appearance, many owners also choose the design of decorative stairs according to their functions.

original modern staircase design

considering the factors required for safety, we can focus on the designs that mark the trend.

interior design and modern stairs

results show that indoor stairs can also be used as storage places, But today, we will focus on indoor stairs, which are the real focus of decoration.

impressive laminated wood stair design

will excite any visitor, for example. The steps remind people of an abstract and huge work of art, but the clear wood is integrated with the interior design style.

the original design of the modern restaurant

a similar thing happened in this design, but on a larger scale. The stairs of this restaurant are great. They highlight the purpose of white and wooden lining.

modern minimalist living room design

is light and light, A subtle lighting and carefully carved railings: all the features, a minimalist staircase, left a pleasant impression.

the original floating staircase design, minimalist style

in this design railings have been replaced by glass panels. This is a very modern but more risky option for children and the elderly.

the original design of modern cement and glass stairs

glass panels are also perfectly matched with concrete stairs. LED lights are also integrated at the bottom of these stairs.

modern minimalist interior stairs

these ultra compact stairs provide attic apartments, second floor bedrooms or simple elevated storage space.

original stairs, with wine storage unit

LS ultra narrow stairs, built-in storage space and other functions make these intelligent designs save space and suitable for smaller apartments.

minimalist staircase with wooden rungs

. This noble staircase is famous for its exquisite and elegant design,

modern interior design is perfectly combined with the minimalist staircase

, followed by the classic floating staircase, the epitome of minimalist style and fascinating strange design.

modern interior design, equipped with wooden decorative stairs

, linear configuration, choose simple, durable and elegant belts. For an additional touch and rotation design, a configured armrest will do a great job.

original modern interior design with minimalist stairs

this is a solid steel stair design with minimalist handrails and extremely thin pedals composed of simple metal plates.

impressive Mini style stair designSta

these stairs are a radical minimalism, which provides access to multiple floors through integration with interior design.

modern wooden staircase degradation interior design

this degradation interior design provides us with an intelligent solution to solve the problem of insufficient space in attic apartment, which is a good design.

the original modern industrial style stair design

once again reflects the industrial attention in this design, and shows the elegant combination of steel, glass and wood in this example.

original modern staircase design, equipped with

slide, the smallest person will have an illusion about this design, which is no less than this. Having a slide at home is a dream of many people. Why not realize it?

original minimalist stair design

this modern decorative stair design is famous for its double steps and matte finish.

original minimalist style hanging stairs

in fact, the minimalist hanging stairs are very suitable for any indoor environment without damaging it.

original futuristic stair design

Francesco Librizzi’s minimalist stair design

what can be added to a simple home to make it unique? Italian architects Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani created a minimalist staircase design to enrich the overall appearance of the old house: It is almost possible to fold the doors and windows of a two-dimensional house into a new height in 1900, and the only possibility to survive in a new height of the original floor. This unconventional staircase project is part of house C, which is a newly renovated house in Milan.

original interior design, with decorative stairs, saved

from casting 12

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