Decorative wall – an interesting design for the arch of the whole family

decorative wall has great potential in the design of any space. Today we have an example, in addition to the decorative effect, which makes the design more interesting. This is Archie’s work. He recently completed this two bedroom apartment in Melbourne. When you enter the apartment, there is a plywood wall in the corridor with rock climbing handles on it.

are slightly different from the decorative wall world, but very useful for families. At the end of the corridor, there is a small office with polycarbonate film. The designer can separate the internal space, but still let some light in. Mainly nearby areas.

corridor leads to the living room and kitchen with dining room. In the kitchen, chalk blue cabinets and bronze splash proof mirrors provide a complex but interesting environment. At the other end of the living room, there is a small curved niche with a tiled floor and natural light through high black window frames.

this is a view facing the bathroom, next to the corridor and small office. The bathroom has a curved white dresser, two sinks and a light blue tile splash guard. Living in central Melbourne, but having a sense of refuge from the world is the focus of this project.

arch customers are looking for an atypical solution, not just decorative walls. The wish list is quite extensive, from a reading corner, children’s space, comprehensive fitness equipment and a rock climbing wall. This is an interesting place for growth and family.

which naturally leads to problems often encountered in the project. Especially due to the limited living space, the minimum storage capacity and the reduction of sunshine. This is more challenging because it mainly faces the south. One positive aspect is the very generous ceiling height.

the existing steel windows are beautiful and generous, and the traditional door design is retained according to the wishes of customers. The environment developed by de arch rearranges the living and entertainment space at the outer edge of the plan to make full use of the natural light we mentioned.

and city street views and steel windows. In the long run, this is an idea to provide learning space for the youngest members of the family.

perhaps the biggest challenge facing the whole team is to inject vitality and light into the interior space of the apartment. It is mainly achieved by using translucent polycarbonate panels instead of cardboard walls, and reflective and bright materials and finishes everywhere.

especially in the kitchen, Cretaceous blue cabinets and Tan reflectors provide a complex environment. Another key element of the design is the internal balcony, a winter garden. It is very suitable for thinking and meditation in a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. De arch admitted that the results came from the enthusiasm of the customers for the project, so they accepted the challenge to re visualize the apartment with similar emotions.

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