Design and construction of 36 kinds of indoor swimming pools

today we have some original ideas about indoor swimming pools. Because of its design and location, you can enjoy it all year round. The construction of indoor swimming pool is becoming more and more popular.

builds swimming pools in the house of

. Although they are very expensive, it is undeniable that they will add a lot of value to the house and ensure that you have a place to swim at any time. In addition, you can organize a party. Everyone wants to go.

builds an indoor swimming pool. You can enjoy

all year round. Any type of swimming pool can be built indoors. The facilities can be as simple as the Olympic swimming pool or as exquisite as the indoor water park.

modern residence with indoor and outdoor swimming pools

many people have added dressing rooms, showers, fitness facilities, steam room, sauna, water bar and other services to the indoor swimming pool facilities to create a spa environment.

swimming pool, where you can enter the

terrace. The possibilities and ideas of indoor swimming pool are limited to everyone’s imagination and budget. If you want to build a new house, you’d better consider adding a space for the indoor swimming pool, because you have more problems.

very narrow space options

with the appropriate help of good architects, You can add an indoor swimming pool to the house you have built, so it looks perfect. Anyway, it’s important to work with an architect who has extensive experience in indoor swimming pool room design.

table creativity in oval swimming pool

to do well, you need a complete HVAC system, so you should find someone who knows what you are doing and is trustworthy. The

swimming pool line updates the

housing construction. Most builders will build the same way whether it is an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor swimming pool, with one important exception.

small indoor swimming pool adopts rural design

. The indoor swimming pool does not need expensive swimming pool cover. You will have a roof to keep waste and rain away from your relaxation and swimming place.

the roof has windows to let natural light illuminate the swimming pool

during the day, because the indoor swimming pool does not have to deal with freezing and thawing cycles As an outdoor swimming pool, builders can use a variety of materials, such as glass bricks and more modern ceramics.

the shape of the swimming pool is suitable for the space

architecturally, the room of the indoor swimming pool may look like other parts of the house, but from an engineering point of view, it is completely different, especially in terms of heating and ventilation, This is very important to ensure the humidity level.

there are lights imitating stars on the ceiling and a rectangular swimming pool

in some cases, you may pay more for heating equipment than the swimming pool itself, but it is always wise to buy high-quality things.

the roof is made of stone dome, and the window can see the outdoor swimming pool

because you already have the room and space where the swimming pool is located, you should consider ventilation. This is very importantKeep good ventilation and enjoy clean air and ideal temperature. Ventilation equipment is very expensive, and the price depends on the size of your space.

blue mosaic is embedded at the bottom of the large swimming pool.

facilities are composed of swimming pool air treatment equipment, pipe grille and humidity control. You must check the humidity of the outdoor environment and the minimum temperature in winter.

large stone and plant decorated indoor swimming pool

around the space, because if you live in an area with a temperature below 15 ° C and a humidity of more than 70%, you need to install an electric boiler.

luxury apartments and swimming pools overlooking the city

any system you choose must be carefully designed to ensure that air does not flow through the pool surface, which may accelerate evaporation. The air must be evenly distributed on the outer wall to prevent condensation.

the idea of swimming pool and Jacuzzi

to reduce evaporation and improve the comfort of swimmers, Keep the indoor air temperature 2-4 degrees higher than the water temperature of the swimming pool.

swimming pool and Jacuzzi with blue mosaic at the bottom

another thing you need to add is an electric cooker to heat the water in the swimming pool. In the market, you can find an economical system to ensure the low energy consumption and water temperature you need all year round. The


indoor swimming pool looks like coming out of its very modern edge The space for evaporation and moisture is to buy a hot blanket to cover the swimming pool when it is not used. The shape of

swimming pool is very interesting. In the narrow space,

windows, skylights and sliding glass doors are good ways to create a spacious feeling, but they may also make your space too hot in summer.

houses can accommodate indoor swimming pools

it is important to have openable skylights or high windows to exhaust hot air. Otherwise, they may spend more money on the cooling space of the indoor swimming pool in summer rather than heating in winter.

columns are lined with mosaics of different colors and modern indoor swimming pool

is better. You can install an open roof system and many sliding glass doors to make your indoor swimming pool used as an outdoor swimming pool in summer.

swimming pool building adopts minimalist design.

combines many skylights, windows and sliding doors to let you enjoy natural light, but when the sun sets, You need enough lighting so that you can spend the night in the swimming pool and feel safe.

build a swimming pool and cool place in the

house, which is the best private swimming pool you can have. Because swimming is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a very useful exercise.

idea of decorating walls

that’s why if you really decide to build a swimming pool, the ideal choice is to find the time required by the best engineers and architects, because they can give you some advice in this regard so that you won’t interfere with the design of your home, So as to provide the necessary microclimate. Now?We left you with our original choice and the idea of an indoor swimming pool.

classical design residence and indoor swimming pool

swimming pool roof and glass wall protected

residence, rural design and indoor swimming pool

modern residence, designed by SBM studio and indoor swimming pool

space design is very simple. The ceiling of the indoor swimming pool

is the same size as the swimming pool, allowing natural light to enter the black-and-white room of

, equipped with swimming pool and whirlpool bathtub

comfortable lounge chairs complement the classic design of this large indoor swimming pool

house, equipped with very interesting armchairs and indoor swimming pool

apartment, designed by negle Studio & Rambla 9 architecture







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