Design house — modern residence in Bhopal, India

today we have the original design of a house called mango tree house, which was designed by ujjval panchal + Kinny Soni. This is jain’s private residence in Bhopal, India. It is called mango tree home because it is surrounded by several very large mango trees more than 50 years ago.

design is very attractive house

the house consists of two main street areas connected by corridors. The first is the residential area, living room, bedroom, kitchen and restaurant. The other is the guest room, office, gym and swimming pool. The house designed by

has a very large garden

. These designers are inspired by the same mango tree, and you will enjoy this experience when you stand under the dense leaves. That’s why these trees are the most important elements of the whole place.

designed the house with wooden furniture on the terrace. The designers of

intend to create a private space where they can feel themselves under the tree. In this case, under the mango tree. The “g

and “g

have strong windows to ensure that there is a “big SPS” around the “g

. In this quiet space, we can find some pavilions, which are designed to see trees and the perfect harmony between indoor and outdoor. The narrow swimming pool in the


selects very large windows instead of walls They let the light in and let the residents of the house see the trees and feel like they are in an open space. The idea of

large garden pond

flat roof and high ceiling and continuous floor level further eliminate the internal and external boundaries. Corridors, stairs and terraces on different floors create new perspectives and interesting movements around mango trees.

roof terrace design, color mosaic floor

carefully select each material, inspired by nature, to improve the experience connected with the landscape.

the grating plate

at the entrance of the house is white, which makes the space look more spacious and open; The floor is made of granite and has a uniform shape to extend the experience close to the outside.

the living room of this modern house

the wooden ceilings of some spaces have also been selected, giving people a feeling under the tree. In order to create a comfortable and natural space, we chose exquisite wooden furniture and further opened the floor plan of the house.

bedroom is very beautiful, equipped with wooden furniture

lighting, and all elements have been carefully selected to emphasize the continuity of the space towards the trees. Now let’s take another look at the wonderful photos of this modern house in Bhopal, India.

modern bedroom white wooden furniture

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