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in our article today, we want to show you some of the most impressive loft interior designs. These designs participated in evermotion’s “all Lotte loft” competition to understand and understand the designers who have caused a sensation all over the world.

evermotion “the whole Lotte loft” competition Loft Interior Design

the above figure shows the loft style apartment design created by Adel Maza. A Chesterfield Leather Sofa brings elegance in an industrial and eclectic space.

is the original design of Alejandro Samaniego W

Alejandro Samaniego W. he designed the interior of the apartment with sloping windows and brick walls. He chose minimalism to emphasize space itself.

design the attic of the apartment. The attic

is designed by amerfara, showing an interesting eclecticism and full of texture; Persian carpets are combined with grey walls and their original decoration to create a truly comfortable atmosphere.

loft design of Angel Lover

visualization: Angel Lover

we like the ancient atmosphere of this loft. Not only old pipes or rusty beams, but also chandeliers, vintage inspired chairs and refrigerators, which seem to have started in the 1950s.

Aurelien Jagla’s original modern design loft

visualization tool: Aurelien Jagla

this loft has concrete floors, which are cut into large tiles, making this space a unique place.

aquarium loft is designed by csandzerg

visualization tool: csandzerg

this loft is completely built around the regulating fish tank of any aquarium. Imagine living, eating, cooking, surrounded by the beautiful sea. The amazing blue color makes you feel fresh and curious. We like the way water shines on bricks.

Bartosz domiczek

visual design: Bartosz domiczek

this place looks like an ancient caveman cave; A skeleton fossil hung on the rock, and moss and plants fell down. The simple fireplace and the fur covering the armchair also played a role, giving people a more primitive feeling.

Szymon biegaj

visualization tool with spiral stairs: Szymon biegaj

the spiral stairs in this attic are definitely the central part of the space. The windows and the impressive light around them seem to be really prominent, but they are integrated with the rest of the warm space created here.

Sean Hawkley

visual design: Sean Hawkley

the whole attic looks like an adult playground. From the walkway on the left to the sliding wall, and then to the rock climbing wall on the right, there is no place for drilling in this attic.

modern loft design by George sofronidis

visualization tool: the designer of George sofronidis

has always wanted to integrate the old and the new, and has made amazing achievements. Simple northern European style chair, a brown leather sofa, with an old country wooden table in the middle.

Goray Egor

visual design: Goray Egor

classical brick walls and some visible beams make people feel taken to an ancient factory. However, furniture ensures the maximum comfort of daily activities.

ilijan Stoyanov’s original interior design

visualization tool: ilijan Stoyanov

this loft has a very special retro style. It has impressive stairs, mustard yellow sofa, chandelier with balloon and geometric bookshelf. The environment is very suitable for the 1960s.

amazing loft design Robert filipovich

visualization: Robert filipovich

“The first prize of the loft evermotion visual competition is inspired by an imaginative world. Everything here has been carefully considered and takes into account its own unique design. You can’t fall in love with the dream behind this attic.

modern interior design morat

visualization: morat

“This attic is really an extraordinary space. The incredible huge windows and curved windows above the kitchen provide the necessary natural lighting. The whole space is a mixture of modern and ancient times.” The

was designed by Martin Loureiro prego


and “The walls and ceiling of this attic are immersed in this impressive blue. Everything from walls to steel beams has this cohesion, although they are very different in materials.”

Javier Weinstein apartment loft design

visualization tool: Javier Weinstein

“This attic has a very Zen design, thanks to the lighting facilities, including ceiling fans. The huge windows let in natural light, and we like the color of bricks in sharp contrast to the transparent wood floor with wide wooden boards.

Joel langeveld’s original loft design

visualizer: Joel langeveld

“This space is not only huge and imaginative, but also a spectacle in itself. The angle of this attic space is fully utilized, and the warm light forms a sharp contrast with the strong blue sky.”

inside the attic of marlis Streicher

visualizer: marlis Streiche

“The lack of light in this space is compensated by these incredible skylights. This is a good choice, especially on the top floor of the penthouse apartment. The concept is fully open until the bathroom in the center of the room.”

Michael Johnson’s penthouse interior design

“Visionary: Michael Johnson

is this a nightclub or an attic? This incredible staircase is as bright as a runway and looks typical of London or New York. The Pink Spider lights shine like works of art.

David Buren’s minimalist design attic

visualization: David Buren’s

this ultra modern, white and minimalist space is a miracle. The collision between brown and primitive white and elegant furniture complete the function and modern design.

mxlancer industrial style loft

visualization tool: mxlancer

this is a classic, masculine industrial loft; the space has high ceilings and concrete floors to reproduce the atmosphere of the loft.

Olga country loft design reddina

“Viewing deck: Olga reddina


are located in a wooden cabin. This attic takes advantage of the characteristics of the countryside, has a beautiful wooden board, forms an additional floor and an amazing double water roof.

Olga reddina Loft Interior

this is another Olga reddina design in which the view also plays a role in the interior space.

loft design and Olga redina kitchen

can also be seen hereAt this point, the designer managed to maximize the use of the reduced size of the attic.

original interior design circus solarte

visualization: the circus solarte

apartment has a lot of inspiration space. From street art on the wall to windows from floor to ceiling, every element here is famous for its originality.


plane loft design of visualizer: patyk

this loft space has just been converted. The beams on the roof are really interesting, and the large windows in the back contrast with the modern stairs in style and shape.

Pavel Huerta

visual design: Pavel Huerta

has a larger workspace. This attic has more classic loft design elements we like, especially Steampunk style, which has caused such a sensation in this season’s festival.

three budiarto

visual design: three budiarto

make full use of the roof, amazing windows and unique arches. The attic remains simple, so all appearances focus on architectural miracles.

Artur saljukov

the original floor mounted loft design of the visualization tool: Artur saljukov

when light penetrates through the window of this loft, all details will really shine. Solid brick walls are a work of art in themselves, but they are reinforced by huge beams in this spacious and dark space.

Krzysztof Wolski

visualizer: Krzysztof Wolski

this attic looks like the real space everyone wants. It has a desk area, books, scattered bookshelves and a sloping shadow. It is a multifunctional space suitable for all activities.

Quattro studio industrial style attic design

visualization tool: Quattro studio

windows and walls actually create a frame for this attic, through which curves and shapes draw spalls that look like part of the old world. Next, the industrial style appeared on the steel beams supporting the attic, and the pipes passed through the kitchen.

refl studio

visual design: refl studio

this space is male and industrial, showing exposed pipes with bright tiles, furniture with novel design and lights combining curves and lines.

Rogelio ISAI apartment loft design

viewfinder: there are still scaffolds on the right wall of Rogelio ISAI


, with wires hanging in all directions. This industrial space is equipped with comfortable large furniture, bright colors and plants. The following is another interesting concept of the SPS, which is designed by the simspe 35.

the visualization of

and in the modern loft design of Romano snoweca: Romano snoweca

this is something we have never seen before. In the attic, the beams and pipes you can see are standard, but the glass floor on the ground floor is a novelty. We like this creative design element.

the loft originally designed by Lucas Kona

visualization: Lucas Kona

the loft is light, bright and colorful. There are pink, blue and orange accents, and the soft tones are well reflected on the wall.This is concrete and floor.

great loft

visualization tool designed by Sebastian Peres: Sebastian Peres

feels a unique Bohemian accent in this loft, which is not easy to retain. With a bungalow roof and sofa that looks like bean bags, this is an incredible space for some yoga and relaxation. The separation of space still maintains the feeling of open space. We like the attic very much.

sitnik Vladimir

visualization tool: the brick wall of sitnik Vladimir

actually occupies a central position in the design of this attic. They are rich, a little broken and explode on the white dome. It combines modern, retro and classical styles; From modern sofas to Persian carpets.

modern loft design Tamas medve

visualization tool: Tamas medve

designers use actual trees to reinforce the structure of this loft. Its logs are as elegant, slender and modern as other spaces.

Thomas pasquet

the original loft layout of the visualization tool: Thomas pasquet

the loft is like a atrium with a tree in the middle, The rock protrudes from the bottom wall, as if they put glass in the upper right corner of a park built around it. An amazing open, modern and organic space.

yarko kushta

observation deck: the attic of yarko kushta

is a very retro environment, which can be seen in dirty colors and old windows, Even on the curtain partition of the bathroom, this makes this space feel like the most typical attic; It’s a little shabby. It’s completely industrial and commercial space. It’s completely changed.






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