Design of functional small space apartment

smaller apartments can sometimes be complex in decoration. Similarly, in these apartments, design and style can make them look more spacious. In fact, even if space is limited, everything we can do is infinite.

apartment design creativity small space

. Even if they are small apartments, more personalized design and good furniture selection are always excellent solutions. Today we present four examples to prove this. Especially because they are variants of space, quite compact, but well defined in style.

apartment design, space with wooden strips

is a beautiful and inspiring design, which can even help us make some decisions. It mainly applies to our specific situation, but there are some changes. The design and decoration area of the first apartment is 44 square meters.

compared with other shapes on the wooden floor,

is a compromise solution in design. Varieties of different textures are outstanding. It is mainly an accent with regional and other modern details. Other geometries are not excluded.

partitions and different natural textures in the bathroom

is undoubtedly a smart design designed to awaken different feelings. The choice of furniture is based on modern models. These works, in turn, are combined with other works that mark an era, which is a very classic work.

the comfortable and warm wood effect of the whole bathroom

, which is an example of grant Featherston armchair in the early 1950s. In addition to the famous chairs designed by Norman cherner, this is the luxurious details of a small restaurant. Generally speaking, in this case, the choice of furniture must be creative.

two seater sofa as the separator of open environment

here demonstrates how to use slats to limit certain areas. Sliders are an effective way to ensure privacy. Mainly small bedrooms. The beautiful and practical design of the kitchen is also exquisite.

kitchen and restaurant space layout

tiles have perfect geometric details and wood. The two complement each other and perfectly realize a special kitchen. Another interesting aspect is the ceramic tile on the back. Let’s go back to decorative art. The small entrance to the living room has completely changed. The geometric patterns on the

floor are combined with the wood

, and other circular patterns make the design look smoother. Some colors also help create a retro atmosphere combined with wood. In particular, wood also gives the bathroom personality.

bathroom functional layout

panels look great with some stone textured tiles and other mosaics with modern patterns. The second is that the design and style of these apartments are very practical. This is designed for a young couple. In this case, the environment is modern, but it is still comfortable.

vertical Bathroom Storage furniture

is specially designed to highlight the interests of husband and wife. This apartment has some very special features that make it a reality.Magical mind. The space includes a kitchen and a curved bar as a restaurant.

functional and practical furniture, simple and modern lines,

interestingly, all these shapes and components are reflected in a large mirror. The staircase is also an artistic detail and provides a practical function.

storage space is located at the bottom of the bank

. Although the space is small, the kitchen provides everything you need. In order to maintain the image of open space, bookshelves are very important. The model selection of glass door allows this detail. In terms of furniture, mirror cabinet is an ideal choice for bedroom space.

the beautiful contrast between concrete and wood in the bedroom

other circular effects help soften the image of this beautiful modern interior. The whole effect is completed by interesting chandeliers, which give the space personality. You can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery from the padded bench.

interesting stairs with artistic details, wood and white borders

are perfect for reading or watching sunrise. The bathroom is another interesting exhibit. From the window you can enjoy the interesting scenery around you. In general, all grayscale is the inspiration of creativity.

white separator is very suitable for breakfast

, which can be appreciated from the details of the selected furniture and decoration. Everything has subtle color dubbing, which is amazing in every corner. Details and colors are also reflected on the cushion.

sofa is used for two spaces at the same time.

are mainly cushions, making the bench a very creative space. They represent the personality of the residents of the apartment. It also helps to optimize the space to the maximum extent. Due to the actual storage space at the base.


light seen from the bed and bedroom area also makes good use of the reflective surface. There is no problem sharing the same space in the social field. Guests can enjoy the scenery, watch TV or sit in bed. In these environments, warmth and personality make it a very special carpet.

bank, low storage part

is an ideal choice to feel warm when walking in these spaces. The use of sofa is very spectacular. One side of it is the restaurant bench, which is a smart strategy. Like the acrylic wall, it does not limit the depth of appearance and space.

curtains realize room privacy

. In this case, apartment design and small space share bedrooms. Here, it merges with this open space in a flowing way. Privacy can be solved through curtains. Keep the sofa option in the smallest area on the side of the living room

. The

laundry is the perfect choice for any situation. The selection of furniture at the entrance is very important. Shelves and stools provide you with the convenience you need to get in and out of the apartment.

high cabinet, side frame


as in the previous case, the bathroom is an invitation to relax. In addition to marble, warm tone wood is also applied. A special luxury space is created and energy is supplemented with a good bathroom. Our third case is the same as what we can define as a bold space.

interesting effects and mirrors on the wall

“Especially the treatment of different colors. Red, green and gold are the internal supplement. Although this is a compact space, the vitality and energy are obvious. It realizes the perfect combination and highlights the personality of this space.

gray contrast and other silver details

“The formal furniture in the restaurant is conveniently located. It occupies the space behind the sofa and bed close to the TV. The kitchen on the left also has interesting colors. Generally speaking, there are few shared colors.”

open space and shared area

“This makes the interior aesthetics present in an informal way. Other geometric patterns reinforce this experimental aesthetics. This can be seen in the bathroom. Especially the green tiles and orange walls, which are full of emotion and energy.”

“Side view of bed without curtain

The space under the washbasin is used to place the washing machine. Generally speaking, it is the key to using a small space. It depends on the location and color of the furniture. It is mainly on the choice of walls or curtains.

Especially the light color on the wall, because it will affect people’s perception of space. In these apartments, the light color wall design is always the best solution. White can always improve the effect of light, but we can always play different colors.

small banks, you can enjoy

In this way, the space will not appear monotonous, and we can fill any corner of life. Even very narrow walls can have different colors. Especially those with windows or doors facing the balcony or terrace. They can contrast with other walls and create very modern and excellent creative effects. In addition, we must choose Furniture is quite simple in line and shape.

third small apartment bathroom, Visualization tools Maria fadeeva

interesting color and shape contrast

functional shelves and vertical shapes

elegant patterns and geometry

restaurants and spaces From the space

to the ground

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