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one of the advantages of houses and larger floors is that you can leave your room and turn it into an office. In this way, you can put your office in your own house instead of going there every day. In this article, we will discuss the design of home office. You will see some very original furniture designs.

office design, a new interior decoration

another advantage of having your own home office is that you can give your interior design a new style and add a new decoration. First, you can start with some office furniture, such as those in the photos. You can see the shelves on the wall. Their shape is different from the traditional shelves. On the traditional shelves, the shelves follow an orderly and symmetrical horizontal shape.

your home office design

in the interior decoration of the office, you can make digital furniture made of porcelain or other materials, and combine the color of these numbers with the interior color. You can also play with lights and add objects that emit a small amount of light. Although when you mention the subject of light, it’s best to have a large window covering most of the wall. In this way, the indoor lighting is not only direct, but also greater if you add white to the wall.

original tables provide you with a modern and elegant office.

provide interior decoration for your workplace, and you can choose to design a desk. These types of tables add on-site decoration and add a lot of modernity and style to you. The table you see in the picture combines two dark colors into a diamond. On the other hand, the dark color of the diamond can be matched with other furniture of the same color, or you can choose furniture of other colors from the table if you like.

use the lounge bar of your office desk

office design can also take advantage of the architecture and architectural elements of your home. You can use these columns to create a very primitive and elegant design office at the same time. The column can be one of the pillars of the table, and the material of the table can be granite. It’s important that the pillars don’t go through the center of the table, but put them aside so that you won’t get in the way.

a gray office with a yellow accent decorates the interior of

, and another aprte. If your office has a major color, such as gray, you can give it some vitality by adding accents of other colors. When the main tone is dark and dark, it is best to use eye-catching colors, such as yellow, to decorate the accent. On the other hand, if the main color is white or any light color, the accent can be expressed in dark color. In this way, your eyes will get a very good contrast, which will also give you life and energy.

Brown office design, with oval grooves on the wall.

you can find some very primitive designs on the inner wall. This means that your wall decoration may include irregularities on the wall. You can make some oval holes, such as those in the picture, and then put them on the shelf. This is a very novel way to decorate walls without painting.

is a very novel and modern chair for kitchen interior decoration.

is used for interior decorationOffice design. These furniture can be outside the table or chairs. The original shape chair, which is obviously different from the traditional shape, is very suitable for the workplace where you want to add style and elegance.

is a very elegant office with glass ceiling

we provide another design for very modern and original offices, including glass ceiling. Recently, in many homes, this building material has been used to provide an innovative and elegant air for the interior. This structure has different types of glass, so you can have a strong and durable structure. In addition, the glass on the ceiling provides very important direct lighting for the interior, especially in dark places.

white office with black furniture

. The office design theme we mentioned earlier is emphasized in the office dominated by color. In this case, the main color is white. If your office is like this, you can emphasize it in black, so you can have a very specific style in it. However, you can also choose bright and warm colors to have a happy interior.

vertical fireproof decoration for office interior decoration

the large office in your home

a more compact and simpler office, and

a desk office at home Place the manuscript on the wall to form a right angle

, decorate your office with light colors such as white and blue, Dark wood of furniture

is a classic office in your home

decorate your office with pictures on the wall

is a very compact office that can be used at home, Decorate your home office with light colors

very comfortable chairs

wall mounted office table with lights integrated in wood

very classic and traditional office table

white office interior with dark furniture accent

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