Designer PIRONI’s house

Lisandro piloni is a designer and architect engaged in creative activities in Brazil. Today, we will introduce you to one of his works of Art: the residence in San Jose dorio Preto or San Jose del Rio Negro, Brazil.

Lisandro piloni’s residence in Brazil 1

is a modern residence designed to provide customers with the peace and rest they need. It has all kinds of comfort and luxury, emanating from its interior and rooms, making it a delicacy.

is a summer resort,

we have seen a swimming pool, palm trees give you typical Brazilian tropical style, and the table with chair and sofa is an ideal corner to rest or avoid the sun. From the exit to the swimming pool, we saw the long dining table and chandelier. The design of

space is

. If we put ourselves in the part we discussed recently, we will see what is at the other end: a very spacious place with a bar, or, if you like, a summer or outdoor kitchen. In terms of appearance, the combination of colors creates a harmonious feeling.

style colors

come closer, we can see the interior of the kitchen. Orange highlights the background color of marble, and green flowers add more beauty and color to the outside of the house. The design of the chair is inspired by the tropical style environment.

an exquisite living room

there is a living room in which its white constantly brings us peace and tranquility. This is a good place to kill time. The design of the living room is tasteful and the room is elegant.

the whole living room

if we leave, in our vision, the stairs enter with modern and complex design, black steps highlight and elegant spider lights, It’s reminiscent of a place to show off, wealth.

modern symmetry

style continues to develop. For some time, we found ourselves in this part of the house, designed for appetizers. All the details point to Harmony: plants and objects are placed on both sides in this way, creating the symmetry that the classical era has been looking for. This part of the building looks like a shelter where we can relax with a cup in our hand.


make the color fresh!

the colors in the kitchen awakened us. The warm color is sufficient, the light comes in from the window, and the small pane and chandelier on the ceiling illuminate the whole room, making the kitchen one of the customers’ favorite places. From another point of view, we see the big window of the swimming pool. Low blinds may warn us of the amount of light entering the room. In addition, in this picture, we can better understand how spacious the kitchen is.

symmetry in pure state

here we encounter symmetry again. The position of the photo breaks this feeling a little, but if we stand opposite the table, we will see three lights, three shutters and two chairs above, One on each side.

luxurious and chic feeling

luxurious and rich life in the bedroom: bed design, bedding, furniture. Lights and decorations let us revisit the pelican momentWe want to see ourselves in a long, dazzling evening dress.


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