Dream home – 4 inspiring styles around the world

today we’re going to talk about dream home. Everyone is in a situation where you have to create a new design in your home. Designing the interior of a house is not an easy task. From a design and technical point of view. The interior atmosphere is not only formed by the architectural style. In fact: if the interior is beautiful but the design is inappropriate, the positive feelings of the family will evaporate quickly.

dream home and creative design are very original

. According to this, all things integrated into home design and decoration will not only depend on your own “I want!

Many times, reality has nothing to do with expectations, but repair and interior design are difficult areas. In order to choose home decoration and design, it is best to start with image search.

provides each room with a fantastic creative home

. We are here to help you publish original designs and interior photos designed by famous designers. After browsing the seaweed pictures, you will know more or less what you like and dislike. Today we will show you some styles to let you decide what you like best.

American design

we start with the familiar American interior design style in Hollywood films. The green lawn in front of the house and the front door lead directly to the living room. There is a big sofa in the middle of the living room, and the wooden stairs lead to the second floor.

this style is very simple and may be relatively cheap, but nevertheless, it is still very comfortable and the perfect choice for an ideal family. American design is a good idea for those who seek practicality. It’s easier to create an American interior in a house, but it can also be achieved in an ordinary apartment.

the most important thing is to adhere to the characteristics of this style, that is, there is no partition of any type between rooms, especially between kitchen and corridor. Another feature of this style is that it can be called a large TV in the fireplace and living room, where the whole family gets together, and most importantly, the size of the apartment allows us to do so.

fantastic American design house

another prominent feature is the window above the sink of the kitchen and bar. If we are talking about the American atmosphere in the apartment, the room should look a little retro or even outdated.

Americans pay special attention to practicality and simplicity. This is what you need to keep in mind when designing an American apartment. Secondly, in American style design, the color is light, bright and saturated. All combinations can be used literally.

however, it is better to use light color for interior decoration and dilute it with contrast elements. Bedrooms usually have two colors: for example, the furniture is dark and the walls are painted with light paint. We often encounter furniture with simple shapes made of wood. Very popular are the huge plinths along the walls and large wooden shelves.

is an important attributeIn the American lounge, there is always a soft sofa, which is located in the center of the lounge, with two comfortable armchairs next to it. Secondly, for American kitchen, all wooden furniture, whether painted or light colored, is the first choice. The kitchen should be as simple and practical as possible. It is important not to forget the strong bell to avoid unpleasant smells, because there is no partition between the living room, dining room and kitchen. Another important attribute is the large number of modern technologies.

English style design

one of the most pleasant things left to us by the previous generation is the British interior. It combines everything: exquisite taste, excellent quality, home decoration and ancient tradition. This is one of the most popular styles of country mansions and offices. Although this style is the most expensive, it looks low-key and elegant, which is very suitable for those who want to live in a dream home.

this allows you to combine it with almost any other style. Even a small English note can add nobility to space. When we talk about English classical style, we refer to Georgia and the Victorian era, i.e. the 18th and 19th centuries. In these two centuries, great changes have taken place in the mainland.

is a dreamy house with English style design

. Gregory style seems to be a mixture of Rococo and Classicism: symmetry, antiques, winding lines and some strange shapes. In the Victorian era, family furniture became more prosperous and full of families. The free space inside Georgia is full of cabinets, chairs and exotic items from colonial areas.

rooms lose their classic style, but gain comfort. Inside the British style house with restrictions, a subtle hint of richness and quality. In an English style house, there is no place to forge, and there are not many luxuries. Perhaps the most appropriate word for him.

if there is a problem, but who will design your room in English? Undoubtedly, the best answer is that this style will be appreciated by amateurs and even furniture collectors. Perhaps no country respects furniture more than Britain. It has two remarkable characteristics: large quantity and wide variety. The living room is filled with dozens of sofas made of natural leather and decorated with cotton.

mahogany is a historic event in British furniture. This material has delicious colors and different colors, This makes it possible to produce very fine and beautiful products. The most expensive, especially in our time, is the Chippendale armchair, which should not be lacking in your English restaurant.

. If you want an English sofa, go to Chesterfield. It can be found in almost any family in Britain. This style originated five centuries ago, but now it is very popular. The upholstery of the sofa can be any fabric (velvet, leather, linen), but the stitches will not change. A British style armchair, because of its unique shape, has two prominent parts on both sides of the back, which looks like ears.

these interesting details will be appreciated. A very primitive detail is to divide the wall into three layers. This decoration is very relevant today, so the first floor is from the floor to about 75 cm high wood. It can be wood painted red or any other color that matches the color of the room.RA used to be cheap in Britain, so it is widely used in living rooms. Today, this choice is rare, mainly because of its staggering cost. The idea is that the whole room is made of wood: floors, walls, and even ceilings are made of wood. All these must be the same color. Importantly, furniture should also be combined with design. This decoration usually appears in the English style of the office.

Arabic style design

Arabic style design evokes the association with fairy tales. Colorful and colorful, it deeply attracts the hearts of people all over the world. The atmosphere is full of mysterious light. It is impossible not to relax and forget all your troubles. Soft pillows, natural carpets, exotic decorations, all for comfort. No wonder this style is most commonly used to design bathrooms and bedrooms in dream homes.

Arab style combines the traditions of Muslim countries: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey. It is characterized by excessive luxury and the use of natural materials and hand-made indoor products. Arab style houses are not empty. They are filled with countless cans and plates, Ottomans and cushions, tables and boxes. No surface is found, because we have many carpets, tapestries, curtains and quilts, which are all over the floor, walls and the whole space of furniture. Even the ceiling is often decorated with cloth.

dreamhouse is designed in Arabic style.

every internal detail is unique and elegant in Arabic style. Gemstones and precious metals are not considered unusual. Of course, not everyone can afford such a design, but Arab style design is absolutely necessary.

should not lack a soft light. These lights are made of multi-color frosted glass, so the room is full of different lights. All this leaves a strong sensory impression and allows Westerners to look at the heart in a new way.

the color in the Arab style room design can not be ignored. There are many saturated bright colors that fill the whole room without leaving a single white spot. For those who are not used to so many colors, it is difficult to stay in such a space for a long time.

modern European Arabic style design tends to be more inclusive and uses only some eye-catching details. So you can add any bright color details: red, yellow, blue, green, orange to enrich your interior design. In addition, painting, gold plating and decorative gemstones and pearls are widely used.

the unique patterns we see in the mosaic of floors and walls are different in complexity and decoration, which may include geometric and floral patterns. In addition to the excessive use of various colors and jewelry, Arabic style design is also eye-catching in the decoration of ceilings and walls.

is a particularly attractive sight wall. The walls were covered with fabrics such as silk or velvet. We believe you know the famous Handmade Persian carpet. There is furniture in the center for rest.

requires low armchairs and armchairs, which are generously decorated with expensive textiles. The most luxurious fabrics are velvet, silk or animal fur. The colors of the fabric are varied and saturated, but the patterns embroidered with gold and silver thread are diluted.

Indian style design

Indian style interior design is first of all exotic, colorful and full of incredibly beautiful furniture. This style seems to absorb the sunshine of India and all the luxuries.

charming waste of color, senses and rich decoration, but although the interior of Indian style is very bright, everything is very harmonious, focusing on relaxation and spiritual harmony. India has always been a country associated with various herbs and spices and high spirituality.

is a dream home designed in Indian style.

Indian style began to interact with western culture for a long time. Many decoration, Indian residents adopt Persian and Greek styles, but nevertheless, Indian art tries to maintain its unique color and charm in India’s dreamlike houses.

amazing beautiful elements and incredible patterns can be found in architectural and furniture elements. One of the characteristics of Indian style is that it can perfectly combine various styles of European interior.

interestingly, when you add some Indian style expression details to the classic room, it will immediately change the atmosphere of the space. When decorating a room in Indian style, the walls must be painted with soft and warm colors.

in addition, wallpaper and decoration are allowed to imitate expensive and luxurious fabrics. Indian style interior ceilings are often painted in bright colors. As for the floor, it’s best to cover it with wood or stone. You can use laminated, tiled or parquet flooring.

is a special location in Indian style interior for decoration and accessories. Statues of Hindu gods in all kinds of brass, bronze or wood are needed. According to faith, these statues can drive away evil souls.

can also use large vases and unusual candlesticks. It’s always appropriate to have a big mirror on the gold frame. The most popular colors are green and orange. The design of


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should be very colorful, so don’t be afraid to try and mix. At first glance, the colors are incompatible. You’ll be surprised at the result.

the Indian interior includes furniture made by hand from natural wood. It is full of luxurious fabrics, such as silk, satin and velvet, which perfectly emphasize the taste of India. One part of the room is a big bed with a ceiling. Indoor textiles play a very important role. With the help of cloth, you can create wonderful designs.


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