Elegant details in design and lighting

the house we will see below is a good example of renovation. It belongs to a pair of art collectors with two children. The renovation of the three storey building in London is the responsibility of the Fernanda marques Institute of architects.

is composed of three floors. It is redecorated with bright details. The vision of

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Fernanda marques marks an integrated multidisciplinary conceptual line. In this project, you can see architecture and interior design. In order to have a richer image, visual communication and landscape design are also taken into account. Therefore, many of his works combine these clean features and contemporary images. The design of

residence makes effective use of natural light.

can be said to be the essence of Fernanda’s brand style. Graduated from the school of architecture and urban design of the University of Sao Paulo with excellent results. All the precious works of art in this house are designed for the daily life of the family. This work also starts with a detailed analysis of materials and colors. Each area of


has its own unique personality and style. In a harmonious environment,


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realize a larger space, and the area is pushed down by multiple walls. Therefore, the number of doors in the house is only reduced to the required number. As a result, the whole space looks more unified and better lit. In this shelter, families can relax and live in harmony with their collections. According to Fernanda Marquez, the biggest challenge is to coordinate the whole environment. Another proposition of “GKD SPE” and “GKD” is the balance between the “SPS” and “SPS” in terms of furniture decoration. Therefore, the material and color can ensure a bright surface and space. Different from the initial housing layout, the final result is interconnected areas. It used to be the division between private and public areas. There are two rooms on the first floor.

DIY table center is very suitable for adding another natural dimension to the

design, including the master bedroom in the same space, with the same enhanced acoustic effect. The middle floor is another living room, children’s room and a guest room. The dining room, kitchen and living room are located on the third floor. In order to make the works of Zhang Huan and other artists more representative, the enlightenment received great attention.

stairs found an interesting modern gray effect frame on the white wall.

natural light penetrated into the nearby square through the window. Almost uninterrupted access to the space of the house. Form an interesting shadow play with the owner’s art collection. Therefore, while renovating, the house creates a unique private environment. Enjoy every photo and these interesting details. This is a very creative way to interact with art in a space full of light and good taste.

like bedding, light gray extends to thin fabric curtains.

space separator integrates a TV with different gray notes

Towards a higher level

glass wall is the best way to make the visual continuity of the whole space

very elegant white marble bathroom decoration can be expandedFloor and wall NDE

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