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escape homes in Wisconsin introduced us to their latest project “Vista”. These small prefabricated houses are only 15 square meters. Their creators called them “private houses” because, like personal computers, these are real personal spaces designed to meet everyone’s personal needs. Outside, a vertical cedar lining is used, with steel decoration and protective panels. The house has a sofa bed, a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a small dining table and multiple storage areas. The characteristics of

modern prefabricated component houses

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are very important in the design of small family houses, and make effective use of space as much as possible. Here you can see how a TV is hidden on the windowsill. They also use the space under the bed to increase storage capacity.

indoor multifunctional furniture

there is more storage space between the bed and the kitchen, even the alarm clock has its own location.

kitchen interior view

long kitchen with Windows allows natural light to enter the site. There is even enough room for a small table. Take a closer look at the design of the kitchen. At the end of the kitchen and next to the bathroom, there is a storage cabinet or storage room.

indoor escape view

the actual use of this house is limited to your imagination. As a workplace, hotel or weekend vacation… The possibilities are manifold.

functional kitchen furniture design

is a clean, quiet, open, sheltered and natural design. Can withstand extreme cold and heat, no matter what the weather is, can escape the pressure of daily life. Inside are the handicrafts of real carpenters. Every detail is designed and executed with natural materials. Equipped with solar LED lighting and network connection.


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