Exposed brick and concrete – Joao apartment in RSRG

Joao apartment is designed by RSRG architects with visible bricks and exposed concrete inside. We will take a small trip inside to learn about some original elements that mark the trend.

Joao apartment – interior with concrete and exposed bricks

. Joao apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The house was renovated for a retired couple. It has many small rooms and a large open social area, including the kitchen. It now has a large master bedroom with a private bathroom instead of the original two small bedrooms.

original modern design apartment

rough beams, natural bricks and colored bricks are a compromise color combination, and art and furniture design are comfortably gathered in a large living area, Open design from kitchen to office or work area.

modern rooms are equipped with

brick walls. The bed in the master bedroom is against the same brick wall as the home office, and the bathroom is behind the painted brick wall in the living room.

room, brick wall exposed

bedroom area remains neutral, making the texture and pattern of the original masonry and fishbone floor the main feature.

room wall brick design

the only color in the bedroom area is bright blue night lights.

room has brick walls, you can see

. Although the bedroom is a place to rest and relax, considering that all other areas have a variety of colors, neutrality is unusual.

modern kitchen design with green island

, like almost all other spaces, the kitchen is full of vibrant, strong and rich textured colors. There is a small bedroom next to the kitchen. Behind the kitchen, there is a door for the guest bathroom. The

corridor is designed with

bookshelves. The bedroom also has a window, which can see a vacuum in the building full of plants, not only the bedroom, And the living room and the main bathroom.

bathroom element combination

is different from the neutral color range of the room. The bathroom is swaying with vibrant geometric mosaic patterns on the green and pink floors,

master bathroom is designed with

ceramic tiles, supplemented by Towel Hook knobs of the same color combination. The whole place is clean.

living area and sports area design

unit bookshelves appear next to an interesting corner, which is filled with a variety of items, including sporting goods suspended as works of art.

office. Behind the office and music stage, there are brick walls

. This is an intimate small living room with plenty of sunshine during the day, which can keep the plant screen on the other side of the piano healthy.

studio or music room decoration

on the other side of the table is the music table, which has a piano hidden behind a series of indoor floorsThey found it in the living room.

living room and dining room design

although the social area is a large open floor, personalized carpentry along the dining room wall creates a visually defined living space between the dining room and the kitchen.

wooden lounge furniture

sports or art corner continues along the wall of the last window to form a pair of stump tables and a green armchair,

wooden living room furniture design

all these are separated from the dining room or kitchen area by another exposed beam (in this case, a column), which represents the location of another wall that has been removed.

modern design bathroom furniture

like the master bedroom, the guest bathroom has an original wooden door, which has been stripped back to show the beautiful oak texture. The supplementary door is a circular mirror on the sink barrel and also has an oak frame.

walls and visible concrete beams

can see different environments in different areas of the apartment, leading to emotional changes.

there are concrete beams on the ceiling of the living room.

the living room is full of warm and bright colors and textures. The visible concrete structure brings a very interesting industrial style to the space.

modern interior design with cement and brick walls, see

is a functional and pleasant interior design that makes indoor life practical and simple, but does not deprive the latest design of all the comfort and ergonomics.

original modern style kitchen design

this is a good way to combine modern and urban elements in traditional and family environment.

living room design with wooden furniture

hope you like these pictures, we will come back soon to provide more articles on decoration and interior,

RSRG architect’s original modern living room design

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* visualizer: RSRG Arquitetos. Source: Fran parent.

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